What happens at the end of Chapter 9 Hunger Games?

What happens at the end of Chapter 9 Hunger Games?

Peeta goes last and does well himself. Caesar asks him about a girlfriend back home and Peeta says he doesn’t have one and that the girl that he likes didn’t notice him until the reaping. Caesar tells Peeta that if he wins, the girl will be sure to fall in love with him.

Why did Katniss get an 11?

Katniss Everdeen – 11, for her skill with a bow and arrow and her fierce temper. (Highest training score in the 74th Hunger Games).

What page is Part 3 of The Hunger Games?

Summary and Analysis Part 3: Chapter 23.

What shocking statement does Chapter 9 end with in The Hunger Games?

What shocking statement does chapter 9 end with? gives him a kiss.

How does Peeta betray Katniss?

Peeta risks his life for Katniss yet again when he tries to warn her about Cato coming after her. Unfortunately, Cato catches Peeta betraying him by telling Katniss to run and he receives a nasty wound from Cato’s knife. Luckily, he’s able to keep himself hidden by his camouflage technique while he recovers.

What page does Peeta confesses his love for Katniss?

In Chapter Nine, when each of the contestants of the Hunger Games are interviewed, it is Peeta that is last, and it is Peeta that manages to steal the show by his confession of love for Katniss in front of all the cameras and Katniss herself.

Why is District 12 so poor?

District 12 is so poor because it likely exists in what was formerly known as Appalachia in the United States. The poverty of this area has a long history, and coal miners particularly have long felt these dire financial hardships.

Who won the 75th annual Hunger Games?

The 75th Hunger Games (Third Quarter Quell) was the final Hunger Games held in Panem, and the sole Hunger Games to end without a winner. Instead, the arena was destroyed by Katniss Everdeen, and following this, a few of the remaining tributes were rescued by District 13, thus beginning the Second Rebellion.

What happens in chapter 19 of Hunger Games?

Summary: Chapter 19 Katniss thinks of Peeta’s behavior before and during the Games. She realizes the feelings he’s expressed for her have given an advantage to them both. They need to move, but Peeta can’t walk, so Katniss helps him to a cave where he’ll be hidden.

What happens in chapter 23 of Hunger Games?

Summary: Chapter 23. Unable to leave, Katniss and Peeta lie together and talk. Peeta points out that, if they make it back, Katniss won’t be a girl from the Seam anymore. Katniss and Peeta sleep in shifts, and when Peeta wakes Katniss he offers her some bread with goat cheese and apples.

What does Peeta reveal at the end of Chapter 9?

What happens in Chapter 9 of The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games Chapter 9 Summary & Analysis. The redheaded girl seems to forgive Katniss with her gestures. Their unlikely relationship is another sort of rebellion in the face of the Capitol, since an Avox’s punishment is that she should never be able to talk and form troublesome relationships with others again.

How does LitCharts work in The Hunger Games?

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Hunger Games, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Katniss feels betrayed at first, but she realizes that she and Peeta will soon be trying to kill each other in the Games anyway.

What did Katniss say to the girl in The Hunger Games?

Katniss tells her that she regrets not trying to save the girl, but the girl motions for her to be quiet before cleaning up the mess and tucking Katniss into bed. The redheaded girl seems to forgive Katniss with her gestures.

What happens if Peeta wins The Hunger Games?

Caesar assures Peeta that if he wins the Games, the girl won’t refuse him—but Peeta reveals that winning won’t help because the girl came to the Games with him. Peeta’s revelation that he loves Katniss causes the Capitol to see the tributes in a different, humanizing light.