What happened to Vanessa Bell Armstrong son?

What happened to Vanessa Bell Armstrong son?

Her son, Terence Van Armstrong passed away Thursday, Dec. 4 at 38 years old. This year has been a difficult one for her. Nine months ago Armstrong, a mother of five, lost her mother, Mildred Bell, in March.

Where does Vanessa Bell Armstrong live?

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

How old is actress Vanessa Bell Armstrong?

68 years (October 2, 1953)
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What high school did Vanessa Bell Armstrong attend?

McKenzie High
Soon Vanessa was soloing in Mat-tie’s choir, and led two songs on each choir album that was released. At 16 she was singing with another choir. The Voices of Heaven, and she even recorded an album with her school, McKenzie High, where she was a bit of a child star.

Who is Vanessa Bell Calloway husband?

Anthony Callowaym. 1988
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When was Vanessa Bell Armstrong born?

October 2, 1953 (age 68 years)
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Does Vanessa Bell Armstrong have children?

Terrence Armstrong
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Does Vanessa Bell Calloway have a child?

Ashley Calloway
Alexandra Calloway
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Where did Vanessa Bell Calloway attend college?

Ohio University
Cleveland Central Catholic High School
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Who is Vanessa Bell Calloway married to?

Vanessa Bell Calloway/Spouse

Personal life. Bell Calloway has been married to anesthesiologist Dr. Anthony Calloway since 1988. The couple have two daughters, Ashley and Alexandra.

Is Vanessa Bell still married?

Bell Calloway had several starring roles on television series and movies, include first African American prime time soap opera, Under One Roof (1995)….

Vanessa Bell Calloway
Years active 1985–present
Spouse(s) Anthony Calloway ​ ( m. 1988)​
Children 2
Website vanessabellcalloway.com

Who is Vanessa Bell Calloway mother?

Beverly Bell
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When did Vanessa Bell Armstrong release her first album?

Vanessa Bell Armstrong (born Vanessa Bell on October 2, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan) is a gospel singer who released her debut album Peace Be Still in 1983.

Why did Vanessa Bell Armstrong write choose ye?

The latter song was inspired by Armstrong’s son who was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Armstrong recorded a stand out duet “Choose Ye” with gospel act The Winans on their major label debut Let My People Go for Qwest Records.

What did Vanessa Bell Armstrong sing on Amen?

She also sang the theme song for the 1980s NBC sitcom Amen . Armstrong was a frequent musical guest of the early projects of John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir, and lent her voice to several classics that include “We Walk By Faith”, and “We Glorify”. Armstrong has five children.