What happened to Luis Rey?

9 Luis Rey spent his last days in a hospital in Barcelona. He died at age 47 on December 9 in 1992, in a fulminant pneumonia. 10th The ashes of Luisito Rey was kept in the cemetery of Chiclana, in Cádiz, Spain.

What condition does Luis Miguel have?

Luis Miguel was diagnosed with the hearing condition tinnitus. Luis Miguel performing in Las Vegas in 2019. In an interview with the Argentinian newspaper Clarín in 2015, Luis Miguel opened up about the condition, which causes him to hear external noises, such as ringing, when there are none.

How old is Luis Miguel?

51 years (April 19, 1970)
Luis Miguel/Age

When did Rey die?

December 9, 1992
Luisito Rey/Date of death

Who is Erika in Luis Miguel?

Camila Sodi
Luis Miguel: The Series (TV Series 2018–2021) – Camila Sodi as Erika – IMDb.

Is the Luis Miguel series True?

“With Luis Miguel’s life, reality is just far beyond fiction,” Diego Boneta says of the Latin superstar. It was based on a lot of interviews with him, Luis Miguel, and other key characters and people that were in his life during this time.

Did Luis Miguel lost his voice?

2) He is losing his voice: It was reported that during a concert in Puebla, MX, LuisMi was humming parts of his songs because he couldn’t hold his notes. 3) He can’t dance: In a music world where spectacle is everything, he can’t compete anymore.

Who is Luis Miguel dating?

The singer was photographed in Beverly Hills going out for dinner with the model Mercedes Villador. Following months of radio silence, Luis Miguel reappeared in Beverly Hills, California. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, the model Mercedes Villador.

How rich is Luis Fonsi?

Luis Fonsi Net Worth: Luis Fonsi a Puerto Rican singer and composer who has a net worth of $20 million….Luis Fonsi Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Singer, Composer, Musician
Nationality: Puerto Rico

Did Luis Miguel have surgery?

Luis Miguel worries his fans. As it transpired, when Luismi found out that the news had reached the media, requested voluntary discharge to return to the hotel where he was staying and continue with the recovery away from journalists. …

Who is Erika in Luis Miguel series in real life?

Cast and characters

Character Portrayed by Seasons
Rosy Esquivel Vanessa Bauche Main
Young Luis Miguel Luis de la Rosa Main
Erika Camila Sodi Main

Who is Luis Miguel dating now?

Yes, Luis Miguel’s reported girlfriend Mollie Hannah Gould is 10 years younger than his oldest daughter, Michelle Salas. According to TVAzteca, the couple has been together since July 2019 and seem happy together, despite their two-decade age difference.