What does slim tell Curley about the fight?

What does slim tell Curley about the fight?

After the fight, what does Slim say to Curley? He will tell everyone his hand was caught in a machine. If he tries to fire Lennie, then he will tell everyone what really happened (this will spoil his reputation).

How does slim convince Curley keep his mouth shut?

How do the men convince Curley to keep his mouth shut? They tell Curley to lie and say a machine damaged his hand. Otherwise, they will embarrass him by letting everyone know how he got beat by Lennie.

How does Slim make sure that Curley won’t get George and Lennie fired?

Lennie has just maimed the boss’ son. What does Slim do to ensure that George and Lennie won’t get fired? Curley agree to say that his hand was caught in a machine, so as to avoid the embarrassment of other people finding out he was taken down so quickly by Lennie. Curley agrees to keep quiet.

Why does Curley agree silence?

Lennie’s assault on Curley is an attack on his authority, albeit inadvertently. Curley’s pride as boss would be seriously damaged if he fired Lennie and George and the truth came out. Furthermore, Curley doesn’t want to look weak in front of his strong-willed, voluptuous wife.

What bargain does slim make with Curley?

Basically, the agreement was that Slim would spread the word around to save Curley’s reputation as long as Curley does not try anything against Lennie. The truth is that Lennie’s crushing of Curley’s hand is no different than having crushed Curley’s manhood.

How is slim described in the story?

Slim is described by Steinbeck as ‘the prince of the ranch,’ and his authority and confidence reinforce this image. He is not portrayed as a perfect moral character, as he goes to the whorehouse with the rest of the men and is possibly having an affair with Curley’s wife, but he has many positive attributes.

Why does Curley agree so readily with Slim’s suggestion that his hand was caught in a machine?

Slim makes Curley agree to saying that he got his hand crushed in a machine in order to keep George and Lennie from being fired. He threatens to let everyone know that Curley is weak because he lost the fight.

What did Lennie do that provoked Curley?

Why does Curley attack Lennie in the bunk house? Curley attacks Lennie because he assumes that Lennie is smiling at him. Curley thinks that Lennie is enjoying the insults made at Curley’s expense. The insults are about the hand that Curley keeps soft for his wife, the “Glove fulla vaseline” as Candy taunts.

Why did Curley agree that he wouldn’t try to get Lennie fired after their altercation?

Curley did not like Lennie because he was big. Why does George kill Lennie? To spare him from the painful death by the hands of Curley and the other workers. I also think that George killed Lennie because Lennie was a danger to others and himself.

Why will Curley never get fired from his job?

He promises to leave everything to Lennie and George and his will he is afraid they will fire him soon and he will have no work leaving him to die.

Why is slim so highly regarded?

So Slim is respected because of his skill but also because of his air of majesty which comes from being skilled and indispensable to the employer. He lives in the bunkhouse with the other men and uses the same kind of poor grammar, but he is undoubtedly the authority figure, both out in the fields and in the bunkhouse.

What is Slim’s profession?

He was a jerk-line skinner, the prince of the ranch, capable of driving ten, sixteen, even twenty mules with a single line to the leaders.” Slim is tall, ageless, and an expert in his job.

Why did Curley not tell Slim about Lennie?

Curley, however, is neither kind nor thoughtful, and his silence is a result of some quick thinking on Slim’s part. In the aftermath of Lennie crushing Curley’s hand, which, incidentally, he only does to get Curley to stop beating him up, Slim gives Curley something else to think about.

Why did Slim blackmail Curley to stop beating him up?

In the aftermath of Lennie crushing Curley’s hand, which, incidentally, he only does to get Curley to stop beating him up, Slim gives Curley something else to think about. He essentially blackmails Curley, telling him that if he lets on to his father, who is the boss, that Lennie hurt him, they will tell everybody else exactly how he got hurt.

Why does Curley want to fight so much?

Basically, Curley is constantly looking for fights because he wants to prove, to himself and to others, that he’s not weak. This is also a significant element of his tension with his wife; his inability to control her wild behavior indicates weakness on his part, at least according to his own feelings and the gender standards of the time period.

Why did Curley listen to big tall Skinner?

Slim’s quick thinking saves the day, and the fact that Curley immediately listens to him, despite being in significant pain, speaks of the respect and authority that Slim, the “big tall skinner,” has earned. Slim is known to be both perceptive and deliberate.