What does Francisco Pizarro and Hernan Cortes have in common?

What does Francisco Pizarro and Hernan Cortes have in common?

Answer and Explanation: Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro were both famous 16th Century conquistadors, or “‘conquerors'” who explored and conquered territories…

What did Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro do?

With their superior weaponry and horses, Hernán Cortés overthrew Montezuma and the Aztec Empire, while Francisco Pizarro defeated Atahualpa and the Inca Empire, garnering land and treasure for Spain.As a result of the actions of Cortés and Pizarro, two of the most developed civilizations in the New World vanished.

What are the similarities between Cortes and Pizarro?

Cortes and Pizarro were both ambitious and ruthless characters who strongly strived to find gold, conquer land, and become rich and famous, regardless of the cost and what might happen to the natives or their own people.

Who was Cortes Aztecs?

Hernán Cortés was a Spanish conquistador, or conqueror, best remembered for conquering the Aztec empire in 1521 and claiming Mexico for Spain. He also helped colonize Cuba and became a governor of New Spain.

How was Pizarro’s conquest like Cortes?

In 1533, Pizarro founded Lima, Peru. Like Cortés, Pizarro had to combat not only the native peoples of the lands he was conquering but also competitors from his own country—a Spanish rival, Diego de Almagro, assassinated him in 1541.

What were some of Hernando Cortes accomplishments?

4 Major Accomplishments of Hernando Cortes 1. Hernando Cortes Became Secretary To Diego Velasquez And Sailed To Cuba. 2. Circa 1518, Cortes Embarked On An Expedition To Mexico, Which Was Incidentally Canceled By Velasquez . 3. Cortes Made Mexico The New Spain And Called It Mexico City.

What is Hernan Cortes famous for?

Hernan Cortes is famous for leading the expedition to modern-day Mexico which led to the fall of the Aztec Empire and was instrumental in the Spanish colonization of Americas.

What was Hernan Cortes life like?

Hernan Cortes’ Personality. Hernan Cortes was a cruel, greedy, ruthless, wild, and restless man his entire life. Nothing about him was nice or pleasant. He showed no mercy in battle and lived for fortune.

Why is Hernan Cortes important to Mexico?

Hernando Cortes (also spelled Hernan Cortes) was a famous Spanish explorer and Conquistador. He is most famous for causing the fall of the Aztec Empire and conquering large areas of Mexico for Spain in the 16th century.