What does Conpacted mean?

What does Conpacted mean?

to join or pack closely together; consolidate; condense. to make firm or stable. to form or make by close union or conjunction; make up or compose. Metallurgy. to compress (metallic or metallic and nonmetallic powders) in a die to be sintered. Metallurgy.

How do you use imperil in a sentence?

pose a threat to; present a danger to.

  1. Tax increases now might imperil economic recovery.
  2. A police raid would imperil the lives of the hostages.
  3. Putting off the surgery would imperil the girl’s life.
  4. Any diminution in the number of survivors would imperil the chance for continuation.

What does the word imperative?

1 : not to be avoided or evaded : necessary an imperative duty. 2a : of, relating to, or constituting the grammatical mood that expresses the will to influence the behavior of another. b : expressive of a command, entreaty, or exhortation.

What does the word Imperilment mean?

the state of not being protected from injury, harm, or evil. the city has reduced the number of its firefighters, to the imperilment of every homeowner.

What is joined and packed?

ALL QUIZZES. Question 1 of 10. compact. joined or packed together; closely and firmly united; dense; solid.

What is compacting in education?

Curriculum compacting is a technique for differentiating instruction that allows teachers to make adjustments to curriculum for students who have already mastered the material to be learned, replacing content students know with new content, enrichment options, or other activities.

What makes you a menace?

a person whose actions, attitudes, or ideas are considered dangerous or harmful: When he gets behind the wheel of a car, he’s a real menace. an extremely annoying person. verb (used with object), men·aced, men·ac·ing. to utter or direct a threat against; threaten.

What is an antonym of imperil?

Opposite of to place in danger or cause a hazard to. protect. defend. guard. keep.

What is the noun of imperil?

imperilment. The act of imperiling, or the state of being imperiled.

What is another word for Imperilment?

danger, endangerment, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk.

What is another word for imperil?

Synonyms for imperil. to subject to danger or destruction. Synonyms. endanger. jeopardize. menace. peril. risk.

What does imperiling mean?

Learner’s definition of IMPERIL. [+ object] formal. : to put (something or someone) in a dangerous situation : endanger. The toxic fumes imperiled the lives of the trapped miners. The financial health of the company was imperiled by a string of bad investments.

What does imperilling mean?

im·per·il. transitive verb. -·iled or -·illed, -·il·ing or -·il·ling. to put in peril; endanger.