What do Turkish people call their sisters?

What do Turkish people call their sisters?

When a gender needs to be specified, girls are referred as “kız kardeş” (sister) and boys as “erkek kardeş” (brother). The way siblings address each other varies according to their age and gender.

What do you call a girl in Turkish?

volume_up. kız {noun} girl (also: daughter, lass, wench)

What is a wallah in Turkish?

Turkish Translation. kimse. More Turkish words for wallah. kimse noun. one, person, soul, thing, cad.

What do Turkish people call their aunt?

Family words in Turkish

Turkish (Türkçe)
aunt hala (paternal) / teyze (maternal)
aunt’s husband enişte
cousin kuzen
nephew yeğen

What do Turkish people call their moms?

In Turkish, people usually refer to their spouse using the generic term, “eş” (spouse) instead of the specific words, “koca” (husband) and “karı” (wife)….Immediate family.

Term English Less common terms
Anne Mother Ana, anneciğim, valide
Baba Father Babacığım, buba (Aegean), peder, ata
Anne baba Parents Ebeveyn

How do you say boy in Turkey?

“boy” in Turkish

  1. çocuk.
  2. oğlan.

What is Mashallah in Turkish?

(how) wonderful!

Why do Turkish say Bey?

While in Qazaq and other Central Asian Turkic languages, бай [bɑj] remains a rather honorific title, in modern Turkish, and in Azerbaijan, the word “bey” (or “bay”) simply means “mister” (compare Effendi) or “sir” and is used in the meaning of “chieftain” only in historical context.

What do you call mother’s sister in Turkish?

Teyze : My mother’s sister (aunt)

Which is the correct way to say sister in Turkish?

For younger sister we use ‘kardeş’ which can also be used for a younger brother, unless you specifically use ‘kız kardeş’ to specify the gender (female). “kız kardeş” means “sister”. the literal translation of “kız” is “girl” and “kardeş” means sibling.

What does Erkek Kardes mean in Turkish dictionary?

Kardeş just means sibling, regardless of gender. ‘Erkek Kardeş’ is male sibling. Your twin or younger sister: Kardeş or Kız Kardeş but you shouldn’t call your sister like that, it would be so weird. like calling ur mom by her name lol. you should call them by their name.

Which is the equivalent of sibling in English?

Kardeş is actually the equivalent of the word Sibling in English by the way. It can be used together with the word erkek (male) as erkek kardeş to mean brother and can be used to present just the same way as we do with the word kız kardeş. Bu, benim (kız) kardeşim Eda. = This is my younger sister Eda.