What do the French call the Oscars?

What do the French call the Oscars?

The César Award is considered the highest film honor in France, the French film industry’s equivalent to the Molière Award for theatre, and the Victoires de la Musique for music. In cinema, it is the French equivalent to the Academy Award.

What is the French word for points?

point → pointer, indiquer, braquer, montrer.

What is the French word of miracle?

miracle; merveille; mystère.

Do the French have a word for victory?

triomphe; victoire; bénéfice; profit; gain; avantage….Translation Matrix for victory:

Noun Related Translations Other Translations
triomphe conquest; triumph; victory triumph
victoire conquest; triumph; victory

How do you spell nil poi?

French, literally “nil points” in the style of score announcements at the Eurovision Song Contest.

How do you say success in other languages?

In other languages success

  1. American English: success /səkˈsɛs/
  2. Arabic: نـَجَاح
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: sucesso.
  4. Chinese: 成功
  5. Croatian: uspjeh.
  6. Czech: úspěch.
  7. Danish: succes.
  8. Dutch: succes.

What’s the French word for award in French?

award. What’s the French word for award? Here’s a list of translations. French Translation. prix. More French words for award. le prix noun. . price, prize, cost, charge, purse.

What does the word award mean in English?

‘award’ in Other Languages. British English: award /əˈwɔːd/ NOUN. An award is a prize or certificate you get for doing something well. She was presented with an award for bravery. American English: award. Arabic: جائِزَة. Brazilian Portuguese: prêmio. Chinese: 奖品.

How is the recompense awarded in French movies?

An award was presented to the winner of the competition. Une récompense a été présentée au gagnant du concours. The judges conferred the last award upon the best actor. Les jurés ont accordé la dernière récompense au meilleur acteur. The actor won an award for his great performance in this movie.