What did Taylor Caldwell write?

What did Taylor Caldwell write?

Taylor Caldwell’s best-known works include Dynasty of Death, Dear and Glorious Physician (about Saint Luke), Ceremony of the Innocent, Pillar of Iron (about Cicero), The Earth is the Lord’s (about Genghis Khan) and Captains and the Kings.

Who wrote Bright flows the river?

Taylor Caldwell
Esplendida Corriente, La/Authors
About the Author Born Janet Miriam Holland Taylor Caldwell in 1900 in Manchester, England, she moved with her family to Buffalo, New York, in 1907. She started writing stories when she was eight years old and completed her first novel when she was twelve.

Who wrote Dear and Glorious Physician?

Dear and Glorious Physician/Authors
Taylor Caldwell’s own travels through the Holy Land and years of meticulous research made Dear and Glorious Physician a fully developed portrait of a complex and brilliant man and a colorful re-creation of ancient Roman life.

When was Captains and the Kings written?

Captains and the Kings

Front Cover (1972)
Author Taylor Caldwell
Publication date 1972
Pages 816
OCLC 318377470

Is Taylor Caldwell still alive?

Deceased (1900–1985)
Taylor Caldwell/Living or Deceased

When was Taylor Caldwell born?

September 7, 1900
Taylor Caldwell/Date of birth

Taylor Caldwell, in full Janet Taylor Caldwell, (born September 7, 1900, Manchester, England—died August 30, 1985, Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.), highly popular American novelist known for her family sagas and historical fiction.

When was bright flows the River written?

Bright Flows the River Hardcover – September 1, 1978 Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What is Dear and Glorious Physician about?

Grounded in decades of research by Caldwell, this novel about the life of Luke—or Lucanus as he was called—begins when he is 10 years old and living in his birthplace of Antioch in ancient Syria and continues through his education as a physician at the renowned University of Alexandria and his discovery of the …

When was Dear and Glorious Physician published?

Dear and Glorious Physician/Originally published

Who wrote the book Captains and Kings?

Captains and the Kings/Authors
Spanning seventy years, Captains and the Kings, which was adapted into an eight-part television miniseries, is Taylor Caldwell’s masterpiece about nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America, and the grit, ambition, fortitude, and sheer hubris it takes for an immigrant to survive and thrive in a dynamic new land.

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How old is Taylor Caldwell?

84 years (1900–1985)
Taylor Caldwell/Age at death
Taylor Caldwell, one of the world’s most prolific best-selling authors, died of pulmonary failure on Friday at her home in Greenwich, Conn. She was 84 years old and suffered from lung cancer. Miss Caldwell had a stroke in May 1980 that left her paralyzed and speechless. She had by then written more than 30 novels.

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