What did an evacuee pack in their suitcase?

What did an evacuee pack in their suitcase?

Gas mask. Comb, toothbrush and soap. Underclothes and nightclothes. Spare stockings or socks.

What transport did evacuees use?

How did evacuees travel? An evacuation journey often began with a walk to school. Then it was off in buses to the station, where special trains were waiting. It was quite exciting, but most children felt sad as they waved goodbye to their mothers and the steam train puffed away.

Did you know facts about evacuees?

During the Second World War, around 3.5 million people were evacuated to keep them safe. This means they left home and lived with strangers in the countryside, often very far away from home. This was because they lived in cities that were under threat of being bombed.

What did child evacuees take with them?

Parents were issued with a list detailing what their children should take with them when evacuated. These items included a gas mask in case, a change of underclothes, night clothes, plimsolls (or slippers), spare stockings or socks, toothbrush, comb, towel, soap, face cloth, handkerchiefs and a warm coat.

Did you know facts about WW2 evacuation?

1.5 Million children, pregnant women and other vulnerable people such as the disabled, evacuated to safer countryside locations in just two days. There were no big bombing raids on Britain in the first months of the war (know as The Phoney War) as a result by early 1940 many children had returned home.

What did the evacuees take with them during the evacuation?

Every evacuee had a gas mask, food for the journey (such as sandwiches, apples, chocolate) and a small bag for washing things and clothes. Pinned to the children’s coats were labels. On the label were each child’s name, home address, school and where he or she was going.

What was life like for evacuees in the countryside?

For some children used to city life, the countryside proved to be a revelation © Most evacuees have a vivid recall of events on the day of their evacuation. The images are of busy train stations, shouting officials and sobbing mothers.

What to bring to an evacuation in World War 2?

1 Overcoat or mackintosh 2 Comb 3 1 pair of Wellington boots 4 Towel 5 Soap 6 Facecloth 7 Toothbrush 8 Boots or shoes 9 Plimsolls 10 Sandwiches

Where did children get evacuated during World War 2?

Children were evacuated from cities across Britain. The children in this photograph are evacuees from Bristol, who have arrived at Brent railway station near Kingsbridge in Devon, 1940.