What did Amy Lee study?

What did Amy Lee study?

She briefly attended Middle Tennessee State University in 2000 to study music theory and composition but dropped out to focus on Evanescence. In an interview on AOL Music, Lee said that the first songs she remembered writing were called “Eternity of the Remorse” and “A Single Tear”.

Are Shaun Morgan and Amy Lee still friends?

The post-break up relationship between Shaun Morgan and Amy Lee hasn’t been the most friendly situation. Since their split in 2005, there have been several instances where their songs appear to take jabs at one another.

When did Amy Lee start her career?

Born in Riverside, California and raised across the United States, Lee cites influences ranging from Mozart to Tori Amos, Danny Elfman, and Björk. Her solo career began in 2008 when she contributed “Sally’s Song” to Nightmare Revisited, a tribute album to the Elfman soundtrack The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Where did Amy Lee go to high school?

Middle Tennessee State University
Pulaski Academy
Amy Lee/Education

Is Seether Fake it about Amy Lee?

It is the third track and the third single from the band’s third album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. Shaun Morgan has stated that the song is about his former girlfriend Amy Lee, but other sources reference a more recent relationship. Morgan also says that Lee has influenced other Seether songs, as well.

Is Seether still together?

The band has released eight studio albums; their most recent, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, was released on 28 August 2020….

Genres Hard rock post-grunge alternative metal nu metal
Years active 1999–present
Labels Wind-up Bicycle Concord Spinefarm Fantasy Canine Riot

What high school did Amy Lee go to?

Why did Amy Lee Hate My Immortal?

Amy has stated she hates the song because “it’s just not [her]” and she feels that she “grown so much now”. The Mystary EP version is like the band version’s demo recording.

Attended and graduated from Pulaski Academy, a private elementary and junior/senior high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, class of 2000. Briefly attended Middle Tennessee State University.

How many brothers and sisters does Amy Lee have?

Amy Lee was born in Riverside, California, to parents John Lee, a disc jockey and TV personality, and Sara Cargill. She has two sisters, Carrie and Lori. Lee had a younger sister who died in 1987 at the age of three from an unidentified illness, and a brother named Robby who died in 2018 from unknown causes.

Who are Amy Lee and Ben Moody’s parents?

Amy Lee (II) Amy Lynn Hartzler (known professionally as Amy Lee) was born on December 13, 1981 to John Lee, a disc jockey and TV personality, and Sara Cargill. They moved from California to Florida to Illinois, and then finally to Arkansas. Amy met young guitarist Ben Moody at a summer camp in 1994 while playing on the piano.

When did Amy Lee get out of her contract?

On January 3, 2014, TMZ reported that Lee had sued Evanescence’s label, Wind-up Records, for $1.5 million in unpaid royalties. In March 2014, via her Twitter account, Lee announced that she had been released from her Wind-up Records contract and was now an independent artist.