What date should we change Australia Day to?

What date should we change Australia Day to?

January 26
Australia Day: In recent years, the celebration has become controversial because of a “change the date” campaign, the supporters of which demand the date of Australia Day be changed from January 26 to May 9.

Is Australia Day always on 26th January?

Victoria adopted 26 January as Australia Day in 1931, and by 1935, all states of Australia were celebrating 26 January as Australia Day (although it was still known as Anniversary Day in New South Wales). The name “Foundation Day” persisted in local usage.

Why should Australia change the date of Australia Day?

“Australia Day is our national day. For white Australians, changing the date will simply mean coming together on a different day and the public holiday would still take place. For Indigenous Australians, changing the date would acknowledge the pain associated with January 26.

Why is Australia Day wrong?

Australia’s national day is controversial because it is held on a date marking British colonization. Aboriginal Australians have led the charge for it to be commemorated at a different time of the year.

How do people respectfully celebrate Australia Day?

For example, you could:

  1. Share an acknowledgment on your Facebook profile.
  2. Learn more about our history by watching SBS’s historical documentary First Australians.
  3. Commit to having a conversation with someone about what the day really means for many Indigenous people.
  4. Attend an event that celebrates Indigenous culture.

What date did Australia get invaded?

January 26, 1788
January 26, 1788, is the day Captain Arthur Phillip landed on Australian soil with the First Fleet of British ships. He raised the British flag at Sydney Cove to claim New South Wales as a British Colony. This day marks the beginning of a long and brutal colonisation of people and land.

Do indigenous people want to change the date of Australia Day?

The majority of Australians now support changing the date of Australia Day from January 26 due to its “historical significance for Indigenous people”, the national broadcaster says. Calls to change the date from January 26 have grown over the past five years.

What does Australia Day really celebrate?

Australia Day, 26 January, is the day to reflect on what it means to be Australian, to celebrate contemporary Australia and to acknowledge our history. Australia Day is about acknowledging and celebrating the contribution that every Australian makes to our contemporary and dynamic nation.

Whats the fuss about Australia Day?

1. What’s the fuss about Australia Day? ▸ January 26 marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet and the start of British colonisation. Some people say this was the beginning of modern Australia, but for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it was the start of losing land, culture and family.

How do you respect aboriginals on Australia Day?

Here are five ways you can stand in solidarity with Indigenous Australians this Survival Day.

  1. Understand and learn the truth about Australian history.
  2. Attend a Survival Day event.
  3. Support Indigenous music.
  4. Share the truth on social media.
  5. Promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices.

Who named Australia?

explorer Matthew Flinders
It was the English explorer Matthew Flinders who made the suggestion of the name we use today. He was the first to circumnavigate the continent in 1803, and used the name ‘Australia’ to describe the continent on a hand drawn map in 1804. The National Library holds a reproduction.

Who found Australia first?

explorer Willem Janszoon
While Indigenous Australians have inhabited the continent for tens of thousands of years, and traded with nearby islanders, the first documented landing on Australia by a European was in 1606. The Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon landed on the western side of Cape York Peninsula and charted about 300 km of coastline.

Why is Australia Day not celebrated in Australia?

Invasion was the start of these problems. There will be lifetimes, even generations, that will keep feeling them. We can’t celebrate on that day because even now, more than 200 years later, the lessons haven’t been learned and the same mistakes are still being repeated. Australia Day should support diverse lives and culture.

When was the first day of Australia Day?

Graham: “Australia’s Day is the 1st January – the Day when in 1901 the first Governor-General Proclaimed the Act of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.” Stephen: “The day only celebrates white Australia history.

Is there an alternative date for Australia Day?

A number of alternative dateshave been proposed for Australia Day over the years, but the holiday remains unchanged. So we asked our audience on Facebook Messenger for their thoughts. Many said they no longer felt comfortable celebrating Australia Day on January 26.

When was Australia Day celebrated in New South Wales?

In 1838, 50 years after the First Fleet arrived, Foundation Day was declared Australia’s first public holiday in New South Wales. By 1935, January 26 was known as Australia Day in all states except New South Wales where the name ‘Anniversary Day’ prevailed.