What are the 3 evidences of seafloor spreading?

What are the 3 evidences of seafloor spreading?

Evidence of Sea Floor Spreading. Harry Hess’s hypothesis about seafloor spreading had collected several pieces of evidence to support the theory. This evidence was from the investigations of the molten material, seafloor drilling, radiometric age dating and fossil ages, and the magnetic stripes.

What are the 4 key pieces of evidence supporting sea floor spreading?

This hypothesis was supported by several lines of evidence: (1) at or near the crest of the ridge, the rocks are very young, and they become progressively older away from the ridge crest; (2) the youngest rocks at the ridge crest always have present-day (normal) polarity; and (3) stripes of rock parallel to the ridge …

Which is one piece of evidence of seafloor spreading quizlet?

Several types of evidence supported Hess’s theory of sea-floor spreading: eruptions of molten material, magnetic stripes in the rock of the ocean floor, and the ages of the rocks themselves.

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What property was used as evidence to support seafloor spreading?

Molten materials and magnetic stripes are the evidence of seafloor spreading. When scientists studied patterns in the rocks of the ocean floor, they found more support for sea-floor spreading.

What is sea floor spreading and why is it important?

Seafloor spreading, theory that oceanic crust forms along submarine mountain zones, known collectively as the mid-ocean ridge system, and spreads out laterally away from them. This idea played a pivotal role in the development of plate tectonics, a theory that revolutionized geologic thought during the last quarter of the 20th century.

What are facts about seafloor spreading?

What Happens During the Process of Seafloor Spreading? History. Scientists originally believed that drifting was an occurrence exclusive to continents through continental drifts. Geographic Features. The process of seafloor spreading leads to the formation of numerous geographical features which can be terrestrial, sub-terrestrial, or marine features. Mid-Ocean Ridges.

What was Harry Hess evidence for sea floor spreading?

Molten material. Hess’s discovery on the warmer temperature near the mid-Atlantic ridge when he began the ocean mapping,led to his evidence about the molten material underneath the ocean.

  • Seafloor drill. The seafloor drilling system led to the evidence that supports the seafloor-spreading hypothesis.
  • Radiometric age dating and fossil ages.