What are the 10 largest cities by area?

What are the 10 largest cities by area?

The ten largest cities by area are:

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States – 6,351 km2/ 2,452 mi2.
  • Moscow, Russia – 4,662 km2/ 2,274 mi2.
  • Washington-Baltimore, DC-VA-MD, United States – 5,500 km2/ 2,124 mi2.
  • Philadelphia, PA-NJ-DE-MD, United States – 5,430 km2/ 2,096 mi2.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, United States – 5,279 km2/ 2,038 mi2.

What are the 10 most populated cities?

Here is a list of the top ten most populated cities in the world:

  • Tokyo (Population: 37,435,191)
  • Delhi (Population: 29,399,141)
  • Shanghai (Population: 26,317,104)
  • Sao Paulo (Population: 21,846,507)
  • Mexico City (Population: 21,671,908)
  • Cairo (Population: 20,484,965)
  • Dhaka (Population: 20,283,552)

What is the largest city in all 50 states?

The 200 Largest Cities in the United States by Population 2021

Rank Name State
1 New York City New York
2 Los Angeles California
3 Chicago Illinois
4 Houston Texas

What are the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the US?

Population of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. as of 2019 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of residents in thousands
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA 19,216.18
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA 13,214.8
Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI 9,458.54
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX 7,573.14

Is London bigger than New York?

As of 2013, London and NYC had comparable populations. London’s stood at 8.3 million, while NYC stood at 8.4 million. London, however, has much more room for its inhabitants — it’s 138 square miles bigger than NYC.

What is the largest city in the United States by population?

New York, New York
America’s largest cities

100 Largest Cities By Population
Rank City Population (2013)
1 New York, New York 8,405,837
2 Los Angeles, California 3,884,307
3 Chicago, Illinois 2,718,782

Is Houston bigger than Chicago?

Everything except the state’s largest city, apparently. According to the just-dropped 2020 U.S. Census, Houston is still the fourth most-populous city in the country, behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Which of the following three cities are among the ten largest cities in the United States?

The Top 10 Largest U.S. Cities by Population

  • New York City, NY. Population: 8,336,817.
  • Los Angeles, CA. Population: 3,979,576.
  • Chicago, IL. Population: 2,693,976.
  • Houston, TX. Population: 2,320,268.
  • Phoenix, AZ. Population: 1,680,992.
  • Philadelphia, PA. Population: 1,584,064.
  • San Antonio, TX. Population: 1,547,253.
  • San Diego, CA.

Which city has the largest population in the world?

Tokyo, Japan
1: Tokyo, Japan And the winner is: the most populous city in the world is Tokyo, which has a staggering population of 37.4 million.

What is the smallest city in the US?

Lost Springs, Wyoming
State Wyoming
County Converse
Year of incorporation 1911

Is Chicago bigger than Atlanta?

Atlanta may be a large city, but it simply doesn’t compare to Chicago. The population of Chicago is 2.7 million within 234 square miles. Atlanta has a population of 507,000 people within 137 square miles. Atlanta’s metro population is 6 million, closer in size to Chicago.

Is Chicago bigger than Philadelphia?

That’s about one-fourth the size. Of the top 10 cities Philadelphia is the smallest in geographic size and it is No. 2 in population density, behind New York City and basically even with Chicago….The ridiculous reason why Phoenix will soon pass Philly in population.

City Chicago
2015 Population 2,720,556
Square land miles 237
Population Density (people per square mile) 11,479