What are ocean currents name two warm and two cold ocean currents?

What are ocean currents name two warm and two cold ocean currents?

The Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic and the Kuroshio Current in the North Pacific are examples of warm currents. Two other important cold currents originate in northern regions. The East Greenland Current flows into the North Atlantic through the Strait of Denmark.

What are the 2 warm currents?

Two warm currents: The Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift.

What is a warm ocean current called?

The Short Answer: The Gulf Stream is a strong ocean current that brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the 5 major ocean currents?

The five major circulation patterns formed by the currents on this map are the world’s five major ocean gyres: North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Indian, North Pacific, and South Pacific.

Is the Brazilian current warm or cold?

The current is characterized by warm temperatures that vary from 66° to 81° F (19° to 27° C) and a high salinity that averages 35 to 37 parts per thousand.

What are the names of cold currents?

List of Ocean Currents of the World

Name of Current Nature of Current
Kuril or Oya shio Current Cold
California Current Cold
Antarctica Current Cold
Okhotsk Current Cold

What is cold ocean current?

Cold ocean currents are large masses of cold water that move towards the equator, from a level of high altitude to lower levels. They absorb the heat they receive in the tropics, thereby cooling the air above them.

Which is cold ocean current?

The cold current among the following given options is Labrador Current. This Labrador Current flows in the North Atlantic Ocean. The cold current flows till the Labrador coast from the Arctic Ocean. This cold wave also meets the warm waves that are moving and outward in Gulf Stream.

What are 3 types of ocean currents?

Two major kinds of currents define the planet’s oceans: surface currents driven by wind and deep-water currents driven by variations in seawater density.

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What are the names of the main ocean currents?

There are five major gyres: the North Atlantic, the South Atlantic, the North Pacific, the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean Gyre, see figure 1. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is situated in the Southern Ocean and constantly circles around Antarctica because there are no land masses to interrupt the currents.

Is the Canary Current cold?

b) Major currents of the North Atlantic Ocean are: Gulf Stream (warm), North Atlantic Drift (warm) and Canary Current (cold).