What are Mycenaeans best known for?

What are Mycenaeans best known for?

Mycenae is perhaps best known in mythology as the city of Agamemnon, the son of Atreus. King Agamemnon led the expedition against Troy during the Trojan War, which Homer accounted in his epic poem the Iliad.

What was the Mycenaeans most proud of and known for?

The Mycenaeans were very proud of their military heroes. They had that in common with all the early people who lived on the Greek peninsula. The Mycenaean spoke Greek.

Why was the Mycenaean civilization important?

The Mycenaean civilization would so inspire the later Archaic and Classical Greeks from the 8th century BCE onwards that the Bronze Age period came to be seen as a golden one when people respected the gods, warriors were braver and life was generally less complicated and more decent.

What helped the Mycenaeans develop a powerful civilization?

The many established trade routes throughout the Mediterranean also helped the Mycenaeans gain wealth and power. They gained power from trade, waging war, and conquering land. Smaller city-states would help provide supplies, food, trade goods, labor, and soldiers for the larger, more powerful city-states.

What did the Mycenaeans contribute to Greek culture?

The Mycenaeans developed trade throughout the Mediterranean. They built large trade ships and traveled to places like Egypt where they traded goods like olive oil and wine for metals and ivory. The Minoan civilization began to weaken around 1450 BC.

How did the cultures of the Minoans and Mycenaeans contribute to the development of Greece?

Minoans were a civilization that benefitted from trade, and hence for it to have a significant impact on the Mycenaean civilization, trade was the main solution. During the Second palace period, Minoans traded to the islands of Thera, Melos and Kea towards mainland Greece.

What was Mycenaean art?

The Mycenaean civilization flourished in the late Bronze Age from the 15th to the 13th century BCE, and their artists would continue the traditions passed on to them from Minoan Crete. Pottery, frescoes, and goldwork skillfully depicted scenes from nature, religion, hunting, and war.

What was the most impressive piece of military technology of the Mycenaeans?

The spear remained the main weapon among Mycenaean warriors until the collapse of the Bronze Age, while the sword played a secondary role in combat. The precise role and contribution of war chariots in battlefield is a matter of dispute due to the lack of sufficient evidence.

What did the Mycenaeans do for fun?

For leisure, Mycenaean upper-class men were involved in a variety of sports like wrestling, boxing, chariot racing, and bull-leaping.

What impact did Mycenaean civilization have?

What impact did Mycenaean civilization have on later Greeks? They absorbed Egyptian and Mesopotamian influences, which they passed on to later Greeks. What values of the ancient Greeks are found in the poems of Homer? Honor, courage, and eloquence.

What contributions the Mycenaeans made to Western civilization?

The Mycenaeans first built their trade networks within Greece by constructing the first roads in Europe to bring wheat from Thessaly and oil from Attica to the primary Mycenaean cities of Mycenae, Pylos, and Tiryns on the Peloponnese peninsula.

What was the Mycenaeans most famous victory?

Mycenaeans invaded Greece. Their leaders became the first Greek kings. They were traders and warriors, and the Trojan War is probably their most famous victory.

What was the most important achievement of the Mycenaeans?

The most significant Mycenaean achievement was the invention of a new writing system, the syllabary named Linear B. The decipherment of this writing verified that the official language of the Mycenaean palaces was the Greek language. This ascertainment shifted the Mycenaean period from Prehistory to Protohistory.

What kind of writing system did the Mycenaeans use?

The decipherment of the Mycenaean Linear B script, a writing system adapted for the use of the (Indo-European) Greek language of the Late Bronze Age, demonstrated the continuity of Greek speech from the second millennium BC into the eighth century BC when a new Phoenician-derived alphabetic script emerged.

When did the Mycenaean civilization start and end?

Mycenaean Greece (or the Mycenaean civilization) was the last phase of the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, spanning the period from approximately 1600–1100 BC. It represents the first advanced civilization in mainland Greece, with its palatial states, urban organization, works of art, and writing system.

What did the Mycenaean palaces import and export?

The Mycenaean palaces imported raw materials, such as metals, ivory and glass, and exported processed commodities and objects made from these materials, in addition to local products: oil, perfume, wine, wool and pottery.