What are Jean battens achievements?

What are Jean battens achievements?

FAI Gold Air Medal
Order of the Southern CrossLegion of Honour
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How was Jean Batten rewarded?

Her achievements were saluted by the newspapers, and the international aviation community showered awards upon her. In search of a new challenge, Batten made another spectacular solo flight. She bought a new cabin monoplane, a Percival Gull 6, for £2,000, and in November 1935 flew from England to South America.

When did Jean Batten became famous?

Jean Batten, byname of Jane Gardner Batten, (born 1909, Rotorua, New Zealand—died November 22, 1982, Majorca, Spain), aviator who made record-breaking flights from 1933 to 1937 and was perhaps the most famous New Zealander of the 1930s.

How long did it take Jean Batten to fly to New Zealand?

11 days and 45 minutes
Jean’s greatest flight was from England to New Zealand, completed on October 16, 1936, in 11 days and 45 minutes.

What was Jean battens plane called?

For a short period New Zealand’s most celebrated aviator, Jean Batten, flew with a cat named Buddy as her mascot. In late May 1934 Batten completed a solo flight from England to Australia in 14 days and 22½ hours, beating the previous women’s record set by English pilot Amy Johnson.

What plane did Jean Batten?

Despite the early hour, a large media contingent gathered to see her off; Batten was already famous for her successful solo flights from England to Australia in May 1934, and to South America in November 1935. Batten had installed two extra petrol tanks in her low-winged monoplane, a Percival (Vega) Gull.

How old is Jean Batten?

73 years (1909–1982)
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