Is Tim Cahill married?

Is Tim Cahill married?

Rebekah Cahillm. 2010
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Where was Cahill born?

Sydney, Australia
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How old is Cahill?

35 years (December 19, 1985)
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What happened to Tim Cahill?

Australian football icon Tim Cahill has been named as the Chief Sports Officer for the Aspire Academy in Qatar. Cahill will now take a major step in his post-football career by linking up with the Aspire Academy which was founded in 2004 to help scout and develop Qatari athletes.

Is Tim Cahill an Everton legend?

“He would be a new manager, and they’re talking about Tim Cahill coming in alongside him, to back him up, who is an Australian legend, an Everton legend, he works in Dubai at the minute, learning his trade,” Bent told Transfer Tavern.

What does the name Cahill mean?

powerful in battle
Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Cathail ‘descendant of Cathal’, a personal name meaning ‘powerful in battle’.

What number is Tim Cahill?

7Millwall F.C. / Forward, Midfielder
7Jamshedpur FC / Forward17Melbourne City FC / Forward17New York Red Bulls / Midfielder17Zhejiang Professional F.C. / Forward
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When was Cahill born?

December 6, 1979 (age 41 years)
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When did Tim Cahill get married?

May 15, 2010 (Rebekah Cahill)
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How do you pronounce the name Cahill?

Whether as a first name or surname, Cahill has confused many foreigners and even some Irish folk. The common go-to seems to be “KAY-Hill”, much to the irritation of those who share this surname. The correct pronunciation is “CA-hill”.

Who was the first Cahill?

The reason you cannot find a significant figure that wasn’t a Cahill after the 1500s is because back when only the original Cahills- Gideon, Olivia, Luke, Katherine, Thomas, and Jane- were alive, Gideon created a serum that cured the Black Plague.

How do you pronounce Cahill in Irish?

What was the birth sign of Tim Cahill?

Tim Cahill Early Life. The former Australian team captain Tim Cahill was born on December 6, 1979. He was born in Sydney, Australia to father Tim Cahill Sr. and mother Sisifo Cahill. He is Australian by his nationality. His birth sign is Sagittarius.

Who is the Australian soccer player Tim Cahill?

Mini Bio (1) Tim Cahill is an Australian midfield football player and plays for the Australia national team and Everton. On June 12, 2006 he made history by scoring the first two goals by an Australian in a FIFA World Cup finals match against Japan. Cahill was born to a Samoan mother and English father, and was encouraged to play soccer.

How much money does Tim Cahill make a year?

According to numerous tabloids Cahill as of 2019, has an estimated net worth of $12million / £9.35 million. While at Everton, the Socceroo star reportedly received an annual salary of £2.9 million, which is around $3.3 million.

Where does Tim Cahill live with his wife?

Tim is living happily with his wife and four children: Kyah (son, born 2003), Shae (son, born April 2005), Sienna (daughter, born 2007), and Cruz (son, born September 2012) from their eight years long married relationship. He has a beautiful home in his hometown of Sydney, and also owns several homes in Florida, New York, Shanghai, and England.