Is Bradshaw Layfield rich?

Is Bradshaw Layfield rich?

John Layfield aka JBL Net Worth: John Layfield is an American WWE commentator, Fox News analyst, and former professional wrestler who has a net worth of $9 million. John Layfield earned his net worth through his careers in wrestling, as a commentator and television appearances, as well as his many business ventures.

What happened to John Bradshaw Layfield?

On September 1, 2017, JBL announced that he was stepping away from the SmackDown Live commentary team to focus on humanitarian work in and out of WWE, mainly as a Beyond Sport Global Ambassador.

Why does JBL live in Bermuda?

Layfield’s full-time move to Bermuda happened largely by accident. Forced to retire due to back injuries after his final match at WrestleMania XXV in 2009, and faced with his first summer off at home, Layfield felt too confined living in New York City.

How tall is Layfield?

1.98 m
John Layfield/Height

How tall is Kevin Nash?

2.08 m
Kevin Nash/Height

Why did JBL retire in 2006?

Most likely, JBL will retire from action after Wrestlemania 25, but offically in May. He has had back problems involving his kidneys for a while. The WWE used him as a color commentator in 2006 after he had to retire for the first time. He returned to wrestling action on RAW in early 2007.

What was JBL last match in WWE?

JBL’s last match with WWE was against Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 25. He lost the Intercontinental Championship to the luchadore in just 25 seconds. It was after this match that he “quit” and later moved back into a commentary position.

How old is Bradshaw Layfield?

54 years (November 29, 1966)
John Layfield/Age

Who is JBL married to?

Meredith Whitneym. 2005
Cindy Womackm. 1994–2003
John Layfield/Spouse

When did Bradshaw cut his hair?

APA reunion (2003–2004) Bradshaw returned on an episode of SmackDown! in 2003, which saw him and his old friend Faarooq saving the Undertaker from the hands of Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli. Layfield returned with a new look by cutting his long hair, returning it to its natural color, and going clean shaven.

When did John Bradshaw Layfield join the WWE?

Forthright and candid he describes how he has lasted so long and describes just how real the punishment is. John Bradshaw Layfield signed on to the WWE (then WWF) in 1995. After a serious back injury, JBL ballooned up to more than 300 pounds. JBL is founder of the supplement company Layfield Energy.

Who is John Layfield and what is his real name?

John Layfield. John Charles Layfield (born November 29, 1966), better known by the ring name John “Bradshaw” Layfield (abbreviated JBL), is an American businessman, retired professional wrestler and television personality currently signed with the WWE on a part-time basis.

How tall is John Layfield height and weight?

JBL John “Bradshaw” Layfield Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw/”Hawk” Bradshaw Johnny Hawk Justin Bradshaw Vampiro Americano: Billed height: 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) Billed weight: 290 lb (132 kg) Billed from: Sweetwater, Texas (Bradshaw/Blackjack Bradshaw New York City (John Layfield) Bradshaw Ranch (Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw/”Hawk” Bradshaw: Trained by

Who was the WWF Tag Team Champion with John Layfield?

Layfield rose to prominence in WWE (then the World Wrestling Federation, WWF) during its Attitude Era under the ring name Bradshaw, during which time he became a three-time WWF Tag Team Champion with Ron “Faarooq” Simmons as part of the Acolyte Protection Agency (APA).