How were the last three mats different from the rest the mats?

How were the last three mats different from the rest the mats?

How were the last three mats different from the rest? The last three mats have austere design, no symbols or anything. These mats were intended for the their kids who passed away. The mat plays a significant role in their lives.

Who gave Nana Emilia a decorative mat?

This mat had been given to Nana Emilia by her mother when she and Mr. Angeles were married, and it had been with them ever since. It had served on the wedding night, and had not since been used except on special occasions.

What is the conflict of the story the mats?

The type of conflict presented in the story entitled The Mats by Francisco Arcillana is man versus himself. The conflict starts when during the distribution of mats to his children Mr. Angeles had still three mats unopened that are intended to his deceased children.

What is the rising action of the story the mats?

The rising action is when Mr. Angeles is giving his surprised gift tothe whole family. And the siblings were very excited to get their gifts. And one by one, on the lighted area of the house, he gave the mats with distinguish names and symbolism on it.

When was the mats by Francisco arcellana written?

The mats

Author: Francisco Arcellana; Hermès Alègrè
Publisher: Manila : Tahanan Books for Young Readers, ©1995.
Edition/Format: Print book : Fiction : Juvenile audience : English : 1st edView all editions and formats

When was the mats written?


Genre/Form: Fiction Juvenile works Juvenile fiction
OCLC Number: 36649343
Notes: Children story. “The Mats” first appeared as a short story in Phillipine Magazine in 1938″–Title page verso.
Awards: National Book Award for Children’s Literature.
Description: 1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 24 cm

What is the fiction genre of the story the mats?

The mats/Genres

What is the plot?

In a narrative or creative writing, a plot is the sequence of events that make up a story, whether it’s told, written, filmed, or sung. The plot is the story, and more specifically, how the story develops, unfolds, and moves in time. Plots are typically made up of five main elements: 1.

What Filipino values the story the mats?

The Mats, written by Francisco Arcellana, is a short story depicting a very typical Filipino value – a deep sense of close family-ties and bonding.

What is the biographical in the mats?

The story entitled “The Mats” was written by Francisco Arcellana, one of the admirable literary Filipino artists. The story talks about a typical Filipino family culture, that portrays the close family relationship, respect for the elders and remembering the family members who passed away.

What is the style of the mats?

He is considered one of the first writers of the modern Filipino short story in English. It is his lyrical style that became the role model for a generation of writers. He was proclaimed a national artist of the Philippines in 1990 and was given a state funeral. “The Mats” is set somewhere before World War II.

What does the word Mats mean?

1 : a piece of material used as a floor or seat covering or in front of a door to wipe the shoes on. 2 : a decorative piece of material used under dishes or vases. 3 : a pad or cushion for gymnastics or wrestling. 4 : something made up of many tangled strands a mat of hair.