How old was Mary Fielding Smith when she died?

How old was Mary Fielding Smith when she died?

51 years (1801–1852)
Mary Fielding Smith/Age at death

Who was Hyrum Smith’s wife?

Mary Fielding Smithm. 1837
Jerusha Barden Smithm. 1826–1837
Hyrum Smith/Wife

Is Hyrum Smith older than Joseph Smith?

He was the older brother of the movement’s founder, Joseph Smith, and was killed with his brother at Carthage Jail where they were being held awaiting trial.

When did Joseph Fielding Smith become prophet?

Joseph Fielding Smith
April 7, 1910 – January 23, 1970
Called by Joseph F. Smith
End reason Became President of the Church
LDS Church Apostle

Where is Mary Fielding Smith buried?

Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Mary Fielding Smith/Place of burial

Who did Mary Fielding Smith marry?

Hyrum Smithm. 1837
Mary Fielding Smith/Spouse

How many descendants does Hyrum Smith have?

There are an estimated 31,000 living descendants of Hyrum Smith today. Among Hyrum’s posterity were two prophets: President Joseph F. Smith, his son, and President Joseph Fielding Smith, Hyrum’s grandson.

Who was older Joseph and Hyrum Smith?

Joseph was the founder and first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s easy, for example, given the loyally supportive role that Hyrum Smith played, to forget that Hyrum was Joseph’s older brother. At Alvin Smith’s death in 1823, Hyrum became, at 23, the oldest of the Smith brothers.

How old was Joseph Smith when his brother Alvin died?

25 years (1798–1823)
Alvin Smith/Age at death

How many older brothers did Joseph Smith have?

The story of the brothers of Joseph Smith is at once tragic and instructive. Five Smith brothers—Hyrum, Joseph, Samuel, William, and Don Carlos—migrated to Illinois with the exiled Saints, but only one survived to see the western exodus.

Who wrote Doctrine and Covenants Section 138?

Joseph F. Smith
Sections 137 and 138 were added to the LDS Church’s 1981 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, which is the edition currently in use by the church. These were accounts of two visions, one from Joseph Smith in 1837 and the other from his nephew, Joseph F. Smith, in 1918.

How long was Joseph Fielding Smith the Prophet?

two and a half years
President Joseph Fielding Smith holds a special place as the 10th president of the Church, but his family remembers him as a kind and dedicated family man. President Smith was ordained as prophet of the Church at the age of 93 and served for just two and a half years between 1970-1972.