How old is tahiry Jose?

42 years (May 5, 1979)
Tahiry Jose/Age

Is Tahiry still with vato?

They decided to leave as “friends” after he chose not to give her a ring due to her lie detector result. Oh, and for more obvious reasons, Tahiry ended her relationship with Vado and left the house as a single woman.

What music videos has Tahiry been in?


  • Known For. Beautiful Destroyer Sare (2015)
  • Interludes Sare (2012)
  • La Máquina Carol.
  • Faceblocked Kelly (2021)
  • Actress. Faceblocked Kelly (2021)
  • Date.Love.Repeat. Zoe (2018)
  • The Lineup Monae (2018)
  • For the Love of Musiq Aunt Lanette (2018)

How old is Chrissy Lampkin?

50 years (April 27, 1971)
Chrissy Lampkin/Age

What is Cyn Santana age?

29 years (October 20, 1992)
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Who has tahiry Jose dated?

Now Tahiry will be making an appearance on another show. She joined the cast of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.” According to Tahiry, she’s been dating rapper Vado. Vado is a rapper and he’s collaborated with Cam’Ron.

How much is Tahiry net worth?

Tahiry Jose Net Worth

Net Worth: $200 Thousand
Gender: Female
Profession: Actor

Who is the real tahiry?

Tahiry Jose net worth: Tahiry Jose is an American model and reality television star who has a net worth of $200 thousand. Tahiry Jose has recently gained fame as one of the newest cast members of VH1’s reality series “Love and Hip Hop: New York”. Tahiry is the former girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden.

Who is tahiry dating now 2020?

How old is Yandy Smith?

39 years (March 19, 1982)
Yandy Smith/Age

How old is safaree?

40 years (July 4, 1981)

How old is Cyn from Love & Hip Hop?

How old is Tahiry Jose in real life?

Birthday / Age / How old is Tahiry Jose Date of Birth / DOB 5 th May 1979. As of 2019, she is around 40 years old.

What’s the name of Tahiry Jose’s zodiac sign?

Tahiry Jose was born on May 5, 1979, in Harlem, New York City, United States. Her birth name is Tahiry Jose. Her nationality is American. Jose belongs to Dominican ethnicity while Taurus is her zodiac sign.

How many brothers and sisters does Tahiry Jose have?

Jose was born in Harlem to Dominican parents, Lizy Jose (mother) and Victor Jose (father). She was raised in a large family that consisted of her 13 siblings: two sisters, Lexie and Ginny, and eleven brothers.

Who is Tahiry Jose from Pump it up dating?

Tahiry was born in the Harlem area of New York & her parents were of Dominican ethnicity. She has dated many men but is most famous for dating famous American rapper Joe Budden. Joe is most famous for his solo song ‘Pump It Up’and generally works with the group Slaughterhouse to make music.