How old is Pope Benedict XVI now?

How old is Pope Benedict XVI now?

94 years (April 16, 1927)
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On 4 September 2020, Benedict XVI became the longest-lived person to have held the office of pope, at 93 years, 4 months, 16 days, surpassing Leo XIII, who died in 1903. Benedict is also the last survivor of the cardinals whom Pope Paul VI named during his papacy.

When was pope Benedict last?

[I will take up a life of prayer and meditation] to be able to continue serving the church.” The pope appeared for the last time in public during his regular Wednesday audience on 27 February 2013. By 16 February, 35,000 people had already registered to attend the audience.

When was pope Benedict born and died?

Pope Benedict IX
Birth name Theophylactus of Tusculum
Born c. 1012 Rome, Papal States
Died c. December 1055/January 1056 (age 43) Grottaferrata, Papal States
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What disease does pope Benedict have?

Benedict, 93, is suffering from erysipelas of the face, a virus that causes a facial rash and episodes of severe pain, the newspaper reported, citing the former pope’s biographer Peter Seewald. “According to Seewald, the Pope emeritus is now extremely frail,” the report says.

Where is pope Benedict living now?

the Vatican gardens
Benedict, who lives in a house in the Vatican gardens, said those who refused to accept his resignation nursed “conspiracy theories” that he had been forced to quit because of scandals such as the leaking of some of his documents by his butler.

Where is pope Ratzinger now?

the Vatican City
Georg Ratzinger, died on July 1 at age 96. Benedict has lived at a monastery in the Vatican City since shortly after his retirement.

Where is Ratzinger today?

the Vatican
The former pontiff, whose original name is Joseph Ratzinger, now lives in a small former monastery inside the Vatican. He has largely stayed out of the public eye since he became the first Pope in 600 years to resign, citing health reasons.

Where is Pope Benedict XVI?

He is now the contemplative of the Vatican, the Pope continued, who spends his life praying for the Church and for the diocese of Rome, of which he is bishop emeritu: “Thank you, Benedict, dear father and brother.

Where is Pope Benedict living now?

Where is Pope Ratzinger now?

Where was Joseph Ratzinger born?

Marktl, Germany
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Why did Ratzinger resign?

Benedict announced in February 2013 that, due to his advanced age, he would step down. In a statement, Benedict cited his deteriorating strength due to old age and the physical and mental demands of the papacy. He also declared that he would continue to serve the church “through a life dedicated to prayer”.

When was the last time Pope Benedict XVI spoke in public?

Since that time, Pope Benedict has made few public appearances. One of the last times he spoke in public was at a ceremony organized by the Ratzinger Foundation in 2016 for the 65th anniversary of his priestly ordination.

How old was Pope Benedict when he became a priest?

Archbishop Gänswein was among the speakers for a June 23 webinar organized by Rome Reports to mark the anniversary of Pope Benedict’s ordination. Ordained a priest June 29, 1951, Pope Benedict XVI is 94 years old, and has been living a secluded life of retirement since his resignation from the papacy in February 2013.

When was the first canonization of Pope Benedict XVI?

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his first canonizations on 23 October 2005 in St. Peter’s Square when he canonized Josef Bilczewski, Alberto Hurtado SJ, Zygmunt Gorazdowski, Gaetano Catanoso and Felice da Nicosia.

Why was Pope Benedict XVI known as pope emeritus?

Benedict chose to be known by the title ” pope emeritus ” upon his resignation. Ordained as a priest in 1951 in his native Bavaria, Ratzinger embarked on an academic career and established himself as a highly regarded theologian by the late 1950s.