How old is Leo Valdez in The Mark of Athena?

How old is Leo Valdez in The Mark of Athena?

Leo Valdez: A 15-year-old son of Hephaestus who can summon and control fire (a very rare ability).

How old is Percy Jackson now 2020?

Rick Riordan Still 17. He is fictional and only a year has passed over the entire course of Heroes of Olympus.

How old is Percy Jackson in the Battle of Olympus?

Percy Jackson – The protagonist and narrator of Percy Jackson & the Olympians. He is aged fifteen in The Last Olympian, the son of Poseidon.

Is Hazel or Nico older?

It would seem, with just the birth years alone, that Nico is in fact older by year than by actual age. This could be why Hazel referred to him as her older brother. If he was born in 1932 then Hazel is older by Nico in year.

How old is everyone Pjo?

Percy Jackson – age 12-16, demigod (half-god) son of Poseidon; he is the protagonist (main character) of the series. Grover Underwood – age 28-33 Satyr, best friend of Percy, Lord of the Wild in The Last Olympian. Since satyrs age slower than people, he is the equivalent (the same as) a 13-17 year old person.

How old is Percy Jackson throughout the series?

Perseus “Percy” Jackson is an eighteen-year-old Greek demigod, the son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson. He is the main protagonist and narrator of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and one of the main characters of The Heroes of Olympus series.

What happens on Percy’s 16th birthday?

Percy’s 16th birthday comes with a prophecy that says: A Hero’s Soul, Cursed Blade Shall Reap. Percy has to leave abruptly since he has to stop the evil Kronos, Lord of the Titans, and save the world.

How old is Luke in the first Percy Jackson book?

Character background Luke is first introduced in The Lightning Thief as the 19-year-old counselor for the Hermes cabin. He was born the year 1986.

What book does Nico kiss Percy?

The House of Hades
A watch out from parent to parent: In the 4th book, The House of Hades, the character Nico, who is 14, reveals that he feels same-gender attraction to Percy Jackson. He says he has had a “crush” on Percy for a long time.

Does Annabeth cheat on Percy?

So yeah, Annabeth cheated on Percy and broke his heart. Camp turned against him and now he was kidnapped.

How old is will solace?

about 15 years old
He typically dresses casually in a T-shirt and shorts. Rick Riordan has stated that Will is in Nico’s age group, making him about 15 years old.

Is Percy Jackson a real Greek hero?

Percy Jackson’s real name is Perseus, and he was named for a prominent hero in Greek mythology.

What are Percy Jackson’s accomplishments?

Percy’s “powers”, which start small and develop as the books proceed, include controlling water, making hurricanes, breathing underwater, and talking to horse -like animals and fish. He also becomes an accomplished sword-fighter and leader. Throughout Percy Jackson & The Olympians , Percy grows more confident and brave.

Is Annabeth from Percy Jackson a god or hero?

Annabeth Chase(born July 12, 1993) is one of the main characters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus books and is a supporting character in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. She is the demigod daughter of a mortal man named Fredrick Chase and Athena, Greek Goddess of…

What is the characteristic of Percy Jackson?

Percy is good-natured, friendly, brave , and willing to risk his life to save his friends, strangers, and even his enemies. He is angered by Thalia Grace because their personalities are similar, they argue even though they are good friends. Percy has a sarcastic sense of humor and is funny in his writing.