How much is an 1892 Winchester rifle?

How much is an 1892 Winchester rifle?

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PRICE $939.99
Sights Iron Sights
Weight 6lbs
Cartridge 357 Magnum
Overall Length 36in

What is the value of a Winchester Model?

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1892? A WINCHESTER 1892 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,484.17 new and $1,201.58 used .

Are old Winchester rifles worth anything?

Old Winchester rifles are graded and priced according to the degree of originality. Any reworking of the rifle over time reduces its value. Things as simple as reapplying blue to the rifle or repairing the stock can drastically change a rifle’s collector value.

When was my Winchester 1892 made?

Manufactured from 1892 through 1941, in solid and take down variations, many special order options were available making this model popular with collectors. The 1892 was initially offered in the same shorter length pistol cartridges as the Model 1873 with the .

What caliber is a Winchester 1892?

Winchester Model 1892
No. built 1,007,608
Caliber .32-20 Winchester .38-40 Winchester .44-40 Winchester .25-20 Winchester .218 Bee (in late production)
Action Lever action

What rifle did Chuck Connors use in the Rifleman?

1892 Winchester
The rifle used on the set of The Rifleman, an 1892 Winchester caliber . 44-40 carbine with a standard 20-inch barrel, was an historical anachronism, as the show was set in 1881, 12 years before John Browning had designed the rifle.

How much did a Winchester 1873 cost new?

44-40. The rifle displayed here was manufactured in 1895. Originally priced at $50 in 1873, these rifles could be purchased for $19.50 by the end of the century. Winchester also offered a special Model 1873 sporting rifle featuring fancy checkered wood and a pistol grip stock at a price of $35.50.

What are the most valuable Winchester rifles?

The 1886 Winchester model rifle has become the most expensive single gun ever to be sold at an auction. At a price tag of $1.265 million, the Rock Island Auction Company in Illinois, the gun remains in prime condition even at 130 years old. The price is justified because of the rich history it comes with.

What caliber was a Winchester 92?

Winchester Model 1892
Caliber .32-20, .38-40, .44-40, .25-20, .218 Bee (in late production)
Action Lever-action
Feed system 15 Round Tube Magazine

What caliber is a 1892 Winchester?