How much is a 1 oz Krugerrand worth today?

How much is a 1 oz Krugerrand worth today?


Name Price Unit
Krugerrand 1 oz 1,808.65 USD per 1 Ounce
Krugerrand 1/10 oz 160.60 CHF per 1/10 Ounce
Krugerrand 1/2 oz 803.00 CHF per 1/2 Ounce
Krugerrand 1/4 oz 401.50 CHF per 1/4 Ounce

How much is a 1976 gold Krugerrand worth?

1976 1oz Gold Krugerrand

QTY Wire Transfer Price Per Unit
1+ $2,007

Are Krugerrands worth anything?

Each Krugerrand gold coin contains close to an ounce of gold. Because they are valued as gold, you can trust Krugerrands to retain their worth quite well. Although their exact value will fluctuate, it maintains a reasonably high average, $1,275 by some metrics.

Are Krugerrands worth more than gold?

These coins are priced above bullion value, although non-proof Krugerrands also have a premium above gold bullion value.

Can you still buy Krugerrands?

Krugerrands are official legal tender of the South African Republic. However, they do not carry a face value. Instead, these South African gold coins are valued based on their precious metal content like gold bars or silver bars.

What is the most popular gold coin?

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle
#1 – United States Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Speaking of the Saint-Gaudens double eagle, it ranks here as the most popular gold coin. This claim is undeniable for a series long touted as the most beautiful ever produced. The obverse presents a majestic view of Miss Liberty carrying a torch.

How much is a 1977 Krugerrand worth?

1977 1oz Gold Krugerrand

QTY Wire Transfer Price Per Unit
1+ $2,008

How much is a 1979 Krugerrand worth?

1979 1oz Gold Krugerrand

QTY Wire Transfer Price Per Unit
1+ $2,002

Which year Krugerrand is the most valuable?

The 2017 Krugerrand marks the 50th year of issuance from the South African Mint and is highly sought after.

How do I sell my gold Krugerrand?

You can sell the coins to Mr. Haynes at, or other precious metals dealers. The selling price of gold coins is based on the spot price of gold, plus “market conditions,” says Haynes.

Is it legal to buy and sell Krugerrands?

The South African Government perceived an opportunity to serve this market and introduced the Krugerrand in 1967. Many investors misunderstood this ban and thought that Krugerrands were illegal to own in the U.S. (the import ban has been lifted, so it is now legal to import Krugerrands again.)

How do I sell my gold Krugerrand coin?