How much does Carter oosterhouse make?

How much does Carter oosterhouse make?

Real Esate: In 2012 Amy and Carter paid $2.5 million for a home in Beverly Hills, California. They listed this home for sale in 2017 for $3.8 million, selling it a few months later for $3.45 million….Carter Oosterhouse Net Worth.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Nationality: United States of America

How tall is Carter Oosterhouse?

1.87 m
Carter Oosterhouse/Height

Who is Carter Oosterhouse wife?

Amy Smartm. 2011
Carter Oosterhouse/Wife

How old is Carter Oosterhouse?

45 years (September 19, 1976)
Carter Oosterhouse/Age

Is Carter from HGTV married?

Carter Oosterhouse/Spouse

Where is Carter Oosterhouse from?

Traverse City, Michigan, United States
Carter Oosterhouse/Place of birth

Does Carter oosterhouse kids?

Flora Oosterhouse
Carter Oosterhouse/Children

Does Carter oosterhouse have a brother?

Todd Oosterhouse
Tyler Oosterhouse
Carter Oosterhouse/Brothers

What happened to actress Amy Smart?

Well, first off, Amy didn’t really go anywhere, per se. The 43-year-old Felicity star has kept busy with a steady stream of smaller movies and television appearances. But she has also shifted her priorities in recent years. On her Instagram profile, she lists “Actress” at the last of her many occupations.

How did Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse meet?

Amy Smart turned to green living In 2010, the celeb accepted one particular gardening project for the Environmental Media Association that would lead her to meet TLC’s Trading Spaces carpenter Carter Oosterhouse. The two were “assigned to adopt a school garden together,” the actress revealed to People.

When did Amy Smart get married?

September 10, 2011 (Carter Oosterhouse)
Amy Smart/Wedding dates

What happened to Amy Smart?