How many years does durian bear fruit?

How many years does durian bear fruit?

It is reported that, in some countries, seedling durian trees have borne fruit at 5 years of age. In India, generally, they come into bearing 9 to 12 years after planting, but in South India they will not produce fruit until they are 13 to 21 years old.

How many durian can a tree produce?

Average about 50 to 70 fruits per tree. After the 4th year of producing, average will be 100 fruits per tree and keep on increasing. Maximum about 250 fruits per tree. The price of musang king durian in Malaysia average about RM40 per kg and each durian can weigh from 2 to 3 kg.

How many durian trees are in one acre?

In orchards, durian trees are commonly spaced 6-16 m [20 to 50 feet] apart, aiming for about 156 trees/hectare [64 trees/acre] to 40 trees/hectare [16 trees/acre].

How big does a durian tree grow?

40m tall
Durian trees can grow up to 40m tall in tropical forests. In orchards they are kept at a maximum height of around 20m. Mature durian trees have thick, straight trunks with branches up the length of the tree. Flowers are clustered on the trunk and branches.

How much water does a durian tree need?

about 6-8 liters/day
Ample water at about 6-8 liters/day/plant is necessary during fruit development. Excess water encourages vegetative growth which may result in premature fruit drop. Pruning is done a year after planting. Most durian clones bear fruit on primary and secondary branches.

What is the season for durian?

Generally the main durian flowering season is from January to March. Sometimes there may be a short dry spell about June which may or may not give a second flowering season in July or August according to its intensity and locality. The main durian fruiting season is usually centered around June-July.

How often should I water durian?

In a week, farmers supply durian trees with water 1-4 times up to every day at the extension stage of durian fruits. Water supply for 3 times a week (40.5%). Most farmers distribute water for 30 minutes to 5 hours according to the weather condition. Water distribution that lasts 30 minutes each time (35.7%).

Which country has the best durian?

Although the durian is not native to Thailand, Thailand is ranked the world’s number one exporter of durian, producing around 700,000 tonnes of durian per year, 400,000 tonnes of which are exported to mainland China and Hong Kong. Malaysia and Indonesia follow, both producing about 265,000 tonnes each.

Which type of durian is the best?

Mao Shan Wang
Mao Shan Wang is one of the most popular types of durian and known as the ‘crème de la crème’ of durians. It is said to be the richest and best-tasting durian to ever be bred.

What is the best fertilizer for durian tree?

Recommendations for fertigation

Growth stage Fertilizer recommendations
Fertilizers Rate
2 months before flowering MKP or MAP 0.5% by 3-5 sprays in 2 weeks intervals
1 month after fruit set Multi-K + Magnisal 1-2%, by 6-8 sprays in 2 weeks intervals
0.25-0.5% by 2-4 sprays in 2 weeks intervals

Why is durian so expensive?

Durian is expensive due to several reasons, including being a luxury item. It’s highly sought after, and its demand is steadily rising. Durians are now sold by weight, and not by individual fruit, and a single durian is very heavy. Another reason durian is expensive is due to transport challenges.

What animal eats durian?

Because the seeds are so big the durian tree depends on large animals like elephants and rhinoceros to eat and disperse the seeds. The seeds are tough enough not to be damaged by chewing or digestive juices. Other animals, like monkeys, gibbons, fruit doves, tapirs, orangutans and man enjoy the fruit of the durian.

What’s the average life span of a durian?

The durian has a lifespan of 80 to 150 years, but can live longer than that. It is believed that durians only die when they are blown down in a storm or cut down by man.

What kind of tree is the durian tree?

Common Names: Civet Fruit, Stinkvrucht. Genus: Durio. Species: zibethinus. The durian is thought to be one of Southeast Asia’s most ancient and primitive trees.

How long does it take for a durian tree to germinate?

Ideally, they should be planted fresh, flat-side down, and they will then germinate in 3 to 8 days. Seeds washed, dried for 1 or 2 days and planted have shown 77-80% germination. It is reported that, in some countries, seedling durian trees have borne fruit at 5 years of age.

How big does a durian fruit get after pollination?

The durian fruit can hang from any branch, and matures roughly three months after pollination. The fruit can grow up to 30 centimetres (12 in) long and 15 centimetres (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lb).