How many years apart are William and Harry?

How many years apart are William and Harry?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are five months apart. Meghan Markle is three years older than Prince Harry. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

When were William and Harry born?

1. Princes William and Harry are 80s babies! Prince William was born to Frances Mountbatten-Windsor and Charles Philip Arthur George on 21 June 1982. Two year’s later on 15 September 1984, the Prince and Princess of Wales welcomed another baby boy to their growing brood.

How old was Queen Elizabeth when she had her third child?

Princess Elizabeth was just 22 at the time, and she was reportedly in labor for 30 hours before giving birth by Caesarean section.

How old was Prince Charles when he got engaged to Diana?

February 24, 1981: Prince Charles, then 32, and Diana, then 19, announced their engagement.

What is the age difference between Prince Harry and Prince William?

What’s the age gap between Prince William and Harry? There’s only two years between the pair, with William born in 1982 and Harry in 1984. William, 39, was born on June 21, 1982. Prince Harry, 36, real name Henry, was born on September 15 1984.

What age is Kate Middleton?

39 years (January 9, 1982)
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge/Age

What is the name of Prince William’s wife?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridgem. 2011
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge/Wife

In November 2010 it was announced that William would marry his longtime girlfriend, Catherine (Kate) Middleton, whom he had met at St. Andrews. The royal wedding took place on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in London.

How old was the Queen when she started dating Philip?

13 years old
After another meeting at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in July 1939, Elizabeth—though only 13 years old—fell in love with Philip and they began to exchange letters.

Are Prince Edward and Andrew twins?

Prince Andrew was born on February 19, 1960. At the time of his birth, he was second in line to the throne, behind his older brother, Prince Charles, but before his older sister Princess Anne. Queen Elizabeth with her two youngest children, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew, in 1965.

Did Charles Date Diana’s older sister?

And some viewers will be surprised to learn that Diana’s eldest sister lady Sarah Spencer—born Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia Spencer in 1955—did in fact date Charles before Diana.

How old was the Prince of Wales when he got married?

At the time, Charles (born on November 14, 1948) was 32 years old while Diana (born July 1, 1961) was 19.

How old is Camilla Parker Bowles?

74 years (July 17, 1947)
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall/Age

How much older is Prince William than Harry?

That means that on his birthday in 2018, Prince Harry turned 34 years old. At 34, he’s just over two years younger than his older brother, Prince William.

How old were Prince William and Harry when their mother died?

Prince William and Prince Harry were ages 15 and 12, respectively, when their mother died. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash on Aug. 31, 1997 at age 36.

What is Prince William’s real name?

Full Answer. Prince William’s given name is William Arthur Philip Louis. He was born on June 21, 1982 to Prince Charles and Princess Diana and received the title “His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales”. He has one younger brother, Prince Harry.

What is Prince Harry’s full given name?

Prince Harry has several middle names his full name is Prince Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor.