How many subjects can you take in ISC?

How many subjects can you take in ISC?

Students have a vast range of subjects to choose from each within the three groups. A minimum of 5 subjects and a maximum of 7 subjects should be selected for qualifying at ISC. The curriculum exposes the student to both depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding.

What are the subjects in arts ISC?

CISCE ISC Arts syllabus includes subjects like History, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology. These subjects provide the students an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of Humanities as a stream which enables them to make their future career choice.

How many subjects can we take in ISC 11?

The ISC secondary school offer an option of five subjects for the XI and XII. Predominantly focusing on overall personality development of the students with the perfect mix of different streams which will help them to have better future prospects in graduation and post-graduation studies.

What are the subjects in ISC Class 12?

ISC Class 12 Syllabus (Semester-wise) The ISC subjects for which the syllabus has been reduced namely are History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies, Computer Science, Environmental Science, and Biotechnology.

Is ISC best of 4 or 5?

Average marks of best four subjects: Divide it by four. You will get the average marks of the best three subjects out of 80. Please note: Students will have to include marks scored in English subject as it is a compulsory subject and has to be included in the best 4 subjects for percentage calculation.

Is ISC 11 board exam?

ICSE Class 9 and ISC 11 Exam Will Not Be A Board Exam Stated The Council. The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) issued a circular on Saturday, clarifying that ICSE Class 9 and 11 exams to be held in February/March 2020 will not be considered as board exams.

Is ISC good for arts?

ISC also provides a good platform for students who wish to take up a course abroad post completion of Class XII. For those armed with a certificate in humanities in ISC curriculum, a bouquet of courses is available to take up from Arts to Fine Arts to Journalism to Hotel Management in college among others. 1.

What if I pass in 4 subject but fail in 1 subject will I get pass certificate in ISC board?

You can still get a pass certificate in ISC board if you fail in any subject except English. The rule of ISC is to pass in any three subjects and English.

Is 2nd language compulsory in ISC?

For ISC, a second language isn’t compulsory. However, the list of electives features an Indian language, a modern foreign language, and a classical language.

Is ISC easier than CBSE?

Apart from it, they offers more number of talent search and scholarship exams. ICSE pattern is all about different learning methods whereas CBSE is bit relaxed and applied learning. So, CBSE goes easy while the students of ICSE have to struggle to keep up the pace.

What is passing mark out of 70?

The passing marks for theory paper out of 80 are 26, out of 70 marks students need to attain 23 marks and out of 60 marks, 19 marks are required to pass the examination. For practical examination, out of 40, 13 marks are required.

Is ISC suitable for IIT?

ISC students need to have scored above 83.8% in their board exams to be eligible for an IIT seat. MUMBAI: ISC students need to have scored above 83.8% in their board exams to be eligible for an IIT seat.

What are the subjects in Class 11 Arts?

If you are wondering “ how many subjects are there in arts class 11? “, there are numerous subjects in Class 11 Arts such as Geography, History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology and more. Here are the major arts stream subjects in 11th: Human Rights and Gender Studies

What is the compulsory subject of ISC for Humanities stream?

English (both Language and Literature) is the only compulsory subject for Humanities or any other stream in ISC. However, many schools have History and Geography as mandatory subjects for Humanities students, probably because of their high importance compared to other subjects.

What are the major subjects in Arts stream?

The major subjects in Arts Stream include Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, Hindi, Regional language, etc. From Law and Literary Studies to Journalism and Hotel Management, careers after Arts stream are copious.

What can I do after class 12th Arts stream?

If you are eager towards getting placed as early as after class 12th, you can prepare for competitive exams and secure government jobs after 12th arts stream. Listed below are some popular job profiles available to students of arts fields.