How many students are at Banora high school?

How many students are at Banora high school?


Banora Point High School
Enrolment ~600 (2018)
Campus type Regional
Colour(s) Navy and yellow

Who is the principal of Wollumbin high school?

Guy Wright
Guy Wright (FACE) – Principal Wollumbin High School – NSW Department of Education | LinkedIn.

What is Banora Point postcode NSW?

Banora Point/Postal codes

When did Wollumbin high school open?

Wollumbin High School (WHS), established in 1995, is a small, comprehensive, rural school situated in Murwillumbah.

Is Banora Point a good suburb?

Banora is a great place to live, relaxed, safe and quiet. I highly recommend it to families, retirees, professional couples anyone who enjoys beaches, lovely walks, coffee shops and shopping and sport. There are good gyms, golf courses and sporting clubs nearby.

How many people live in Banora?

16,167 people
In the 2016 Census, there were 16,167 people in Banora Point (State Suburbs). Of these 46.6% were male and 53.4% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 4.3% of the population. The median age of people in Banora Point (State Suburbs) was 50 years.

Is Banora Point Safe?

Is Banora Point A good place to invest?

Think twice before investing in the the inner city. The top 10 suburbs were calculated based on rental yields, five year capital growth predictions, industry surroundings, confidence ratings and employment opportunities. …

Is Banora Point nice?

How far is Banora Point from Queensland border?

The road distance is 31 km.

Is Banora Point a good place to live?

When did the Tugun bypass open?

Tugun Tunnel The tunnel is part of the four-lane Tugun Bypass , completed in mid-2008. The bypass provides a motorway standard link between Queensland and New South Wales, easing congestion and reducing travel times for tourists, heavy vehicles and local traffic.