How does Kevin react to Tony D?

How does Kevin react to Tony D?

The lovable, but mouthy, Kevin responds by calling Tony D. a ‘cretin. ‘ Kevin further explains that a cretin is ‘one who suffers from mental deficiency. ‘ Stunned that this little guy would say something like this when most of the community is afraid of him, Tony D.

Why does Tony D stop and talk to Max?

he was trying to prove that he doesn’t care about Max and Freak. Also, that he doesn’t care about them. You just studied 38 terms!

Why does Max put Kevin on his shoulders How does freak feel about this?

Max puts Kevin on his shoulders because Freak is short and cant see the fireworks. He gets the idea from all the parents picking there kids up and putting them on their shoulders.

In what part of the story do Kevin and Max have a confrontation with Tony D?

There is a conflict between Max, Kevin, and Tony in chapter 6. When Max and Kevin where walking to see the fireworks Tony comes up to them and Kevin thinks he’s threatening them and rudely responds.

What does Kevin shout during the fireworks?

Kevin has a much better view of the fireworks from atop Max’s shoulders, and he knows all of the chemicals that are used in the fireworks display. When the rockets begin, “Magnesium!” he shouts as the white sparkles glitter down over the pond.

Why is Kevin called Freak?

In the film, Kevin’s last name was changed from Avery to Dillon. Grim is Maxwell’s grandfather. He is usually pretty grim, thus explaining why Maxwell gave him the nickname, although in real life he is a pretty friendly person. He dislikes Max’s father because of what he did to Grim’s daughter, Annie.

Where did Freak meet Tonyd?

He appears in the encounter chapter of the type of tower and the altitude walking above the world. With his first appearance, he acted mean and dispossess friendly and asked if there was a cherry blast in Kevin Avery. Kevin did not, so he called him cretin (someone with a mental or physical disability ).

Why does Kevin mouth off to Tony D in Freak the Mighty?

lip because he believes that Max take him. Max doesn’t agree because he has to fight his whole gang not just Tony D.. What is Max’s solution to Freak’s problem of not being able to see the fireworks?

What is Max’s main conflict?

The main conflicts in the story are internal. Both boys are struggling with the inadequacies of their own bodies or minds. In other words, Max has to learn to deal with being “slow” and Kevin has to learn to deal with not having a body that works.

Why is Kevin called freak?

What name does freak give police?

What name does free give the cops? Describe why he chose that name. Freak the mighty. With freak sitting on Max’s shoulders, that made them 9 feet tall.