How do you use tendency in a sentence?

How do you use tendency in a sentence?

Tendency in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because Amanda is depressed, she has the tendency to see everything in a negative way.
  2. My little girl has the tendency to exaggerate her feelings during a tantrum.
  3. If the boss finds out about Jason’s tendency to drink at work, he may fire him.

What is an example of tendency?

A tendency is an inclination to do something. For example, dogs have a tendency to bark at strangers and the mail man. We all have tendencies: things we’re inclined to do, or like to do, or just can’t help doing. Morning people have a tendency to get up early.

What does tendency mean?

1a : a proneness to a particular kind of thought or action. b : direction or approach toward a place, object, effect, or limit. 2a : the purposeful trend of something written or said : aim. b : deliberate but indirect advocacy.

How do you put these in a sentence?

These sentence example

  1. How long would these mind games go on?
  2. You’ll have to show me these beautiful flowers.
  3. These are my other two daughters, Dulce and Alondra.
  4. “Can one be calm in times like these if one has any feeling?”
  5. I’m talking about the safety of these people.
  6. How’s your mother doing these days?

How do you use tendency?

tendencies tendency (for somebody/something) (to do something) I have a tendency to talk too much when I’m nervous. There is a tendency for this disease to run in families. This material has a tendency to shrink when washed. tendency (to/toward something) She has a strong natural tendency toward caution.

How do you use tension in a sentence?

Tension sentence example

  1. The tension was paying its toll in another way.
  2. He shook the tension out of his shoulders.
  3. As the weekend drew nearer, the tension grew.
  4. All this tension was ruining the evening for both of them.
  5. She couldn’t tell, except that the tension in the room was increasing.

How do you use precise in a sentence?

Precise in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The student tried to come up with the precise answer to the problem but was a few answers off.
  2. When calling the police, the victim had to give the dispatcher his precise location so that they could find him.
  3. Barry didn’t know the precise spelling of the word, so he took a guess. 🔉

Is tendency same as habit?

As nouns the difference between tendency and habit is that tendency is a likelihood of behaving in a particular way or going in a particular direction; a tending toward while habit is habit.

Which is correct this two or these two?

1 Answer. “These two” is correct because two is a plural, as you say.

Is it this or these?

This is used with singular or uncountable nouns (i.e. this egg or this music). These refers to plural nouns (i.e. these cookies). When the noun is omitted after this and these, they become pronouns (i.e. turn this off when you leave). Demonstratives are words we use to indicate nouns in a sentence.

What does Subvene mean?

verb (used without object), sub·vened, sub·ven·ing. to arrive or occur as a support or relief.

What are some examples of tension?

tension: Two pulling forces, directly opposing each other, that stretch an object and try to pull it apart. For example, pulling on a rope, a car towing another car with a chain – the rope and the chain are in tension or are “being subjected to a tensile load.”