How do you use cower in a sentence?

How do you use cower in a sentence?

Examples of cower in a Sentence They cowered at the sight of the gun. She was cowering in the closet. I cowered behind the door. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘cower.

What is an example of cowered?

To crouch or cringe in fear. To cower is defined as to duck down, crouch or hide in fear. An example of cower is when you are terrified of dogs and hide behind your friend when a dog comes bounding towards you.

What does cower in fear mean?

shrink in
To cower is to shrink in fear. Whether they live in the country or city, any mouse will cower when a huge, hungry cat approaches. When you cower, you’re not just afraid. You’re so terrified that your whole body cringes, crouches, and shrinks in on itself to hide from the source of your fear.

What is the sentence of coward?

1. He must not be untruthful, or a coward. 2. They branded her a coward for informing on her colleagues during the interrogation.

How do you use consternation in a sentence?

Consternation Sentence Examples

  1. The look of consternation on her face, however, told him differently.
  2. There was consternation among some customers who have encountered a variety of glitches.
  3. The decision caused consternation by the majority of voters.
  4. She leaned forward in sudden consternation.

How do you use deign in a sentence?

Deign Sentence Examples

  1. She does not deign to be clever….
  2. Her cat would never deign to come when called.
  3. He only saw in her a pretty and fresh young girl, with whom he did not deign to unite his fate.
  4. “You won’t deign to demean yourself by marrying me, you…” said Helene, beginning to cry.

Are you cower meaning?

If you cower, you bend forward and downward because you are very frightened. The hostages cowered in their seats. Synonyms: cringe, shrink, tremble, crouch More Synonyms of cower.

What part of speech is cower?

intransitive verb

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: cowers, cowering, cowered
definition: to crouch or cringe in fear. The boy cowered before his angry father. synonyms: cringe, quail similar words: crouch, flinch, grovel, shrink, tremble, wince
related words: dread, fear, shy

Does cower mean cowardly?

“Cowered” is just the past tense of “cower” and should not be used as a spelling for the label given to a timid person. “It’s always “a coward” and “the coward.” “Cowered” is also occasionally used improperly when “cowed”—meaning “intimidated”—is meant. It is not related etymologically to either “coward” or “cowered.”

How do you use awkward in a sentence?

Awkward sentence example

  1. You just put me in an awkward position.
  2. After an awkward silence, she glanced up at him with a mischievous smile.
  3. This is getting awkward , isn’t it?
  4. The ride back was quiet, but the silence was a comfortable one, only becoming awkward when they reached the door of his house.

How can I use make in a sentence?

Make sentence example

  • Drowning your sorrows in eggnog will only make you feel worse in the long run.
  • That does make sense.
  • You make a difference.
  • Did you make any real progress?
  • They didn’t make it to the restaurant.
  • It shouldn’t make any difference if he’s adopted.

How do you use ample in a sentence?

Ample sentence example

  1. I’ve left ample stores of food and water for you.
  2. Not that there weren’t times he gave me ample provocation.
  3. The trees have ample room to expand on the water side, and each sends forth its most vigorous branch in that direction.
  4. Parking is ample but during the summer months, it fills quickly.