How do you say sleep in Chamorro?

How do you say sleep in Chamorro?

måtuhok | Chamorro Dictionary Sleepy; drowsy; become sleepy for a while.

What is bed in Chamorro?

kåma. pronunciation. meaning. Bed; cot; bedstead; resting place; sleeping place; bedridden; confined to bed while sick.

What does Maigu mean in Chamorro?

meaning. Pretend to sleep; play possum. etymology. examples.

How do you say God is not sleeping in Chamorro?

As Chamorro is becoming more and more endangered, these sayings are being used less and less. Often times they are replaced with English versions or in the case of the most common Chamorro saying in my opinion, “Ti mamaigo’ si Yu’os” or “God is not sleeping,” Chamorros are now simply saying it in English.

What does Hafa mean in Chamorro?

The Chamorro phrase of the day is “Hafa Adai!” (pronounced as Half A Day), which means hi or hello. “Hafa Adai!” is used the same way as the word “Aloha” in the Hawaiian Islands. Thanks to Ms.

Are Chamorros tall?

Studies of Chamorro skeletons show cranial and facial features reflecting an Asian heritage. They indicate an average height of males ranging from 168 to 175 centimeters (about 5’5” to 5’10”), with some individuals reaching over 6 feet.

What are some common phrases in the Chamorro language?

Common Phrases in Chamorro English Chamorro Pronunciation Good morning. Buenas dias. BooEHN-as DEE-as Good afternoon. Buenas tåtdes. BooEHN-as TAWT-dis Good evening/Good night. Buenas noches. BooEHN-as NOH-tsis Hello, my name is John. Håfa adai, i na’ån-hu si John. HAW-fah ee nah-AHN-hoo see John

What happens at a Chamorro funeral in Guam?

Funerals on Guam are known to be far more expensive than even weddings, with money going to the priest, the church, and to feed family and friends for eight days. Chamorros also commemorate the loved one on the anniversary of their death and that’s called a rosary as well.

Can a Chamorro woman request the child of a younger woman?

(In some Micronesian islands this authority is almost total — an older woman can request the child of a younger woman and it must be given to her.) This can be difficult for a non-Chamorro woman who marries into the culture, especially if she and her husband live with family.

What do Chamorros do on anniversary of death?

Chamorros also commemorate the loved one on the anniversary of their death and that’s called a rosary as well. Family members are expected to take time off work and put off all other obligations during the rosary, even if it’s a distant relative who has died. Learn more about Chamorro death customs on Guampedia.