How do you post a discussion on blackboard?

How do you post a discussion on blackboard?

Create a discussion

  1. In your course, select the Discussions icon on the navigation bar.
  2. Select the plus sign in the upper-right corner to open the menu.
  3. In the menu, select Add Discussion.
  4. On the New Discussion page, type a meaningful title.
  5. Get the discussion started with a question, idea, or response.
  6. Select Save.

How do you write a discussion post?

How to Write a Strong Discussion Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Do your homework.
  2. Read prompts carefully.
  3. Wake up your classmates with a strong argument or perspective.
  4. Be relevant.
  5. Bring something unique to the post.
  6. Prepare your response in a text editor (like Word) before you post.
  7. Leave participants wanting more.

What makes a good discussion post response?

Explain how someone’s post helped you understand the material or made you rethink your own views. Offer an opinion and support it with examples from the text. Relate the information in the post to your course assignments and/or research projects.

How do I post a discussion forum on Moodle?

Post to a Forum

  1. Click Add a new discussion topic (at top of page) to start a new topic (if the forum type allows). The Your new discussion topic page opens.
  2. If there are already discussions started, you will see a list on the Forum page.
  3. Click Reply to post a response inside a discussion.

How do I reply to a discussion post on Blackboard?

Replying to a Thread and Post To reply to a post, click the post to which you want to reply. It will open in the lower part of the page. Click Reply to open the Reply to Post page. Enter a new subject, or leave unchanged.

Can you delete discussion posts on blackboard?

Editing and Deleting Discussion Posts On the Thread Detail page, click the title of one of your own posts. The post appears in the Current Post portion of the content frame. Click Edit to modify the message or click Delete and confirm its removal.

How do you start a discussion post reply?

There are three main ways to respond constructively to a post: “No, because…” • “Yes, and…” • “Yes, but…” If you disagree with someone’s post, show that you appreciate that your classmate has an opinion, even if it’s different from your own.

What is a substantive discussion post?

Substantive discussion posts require that we move beyond the “good job” and “I agree” posts and really dig into the material. The discussions give students an opportunity to test their application skills and learn to think more critically about the choices they make. …

How do you agree to a discussion post?

How do you respond to a discussion post?

How to Write and Respond to Discussion Posts

  1. Understand the Prompt.
  2. Refer to the Scoring Rubric.
  3. Present Evidence and Examples.
  4. Draft the Answer before Posting.
  5. Express Yourself Clearly.
  6. Respond in a Timely Manner.

How do I upload a discussion file to Moodle?

The simplest one is to drag-and-drop files from your desktop straight into Moodle.

  1. First you must turn editing on.
  2. Drag your file from your desktop straight into Moodle until you see + Add file(s) here option appear and drop your file into it.

How do you post on a forum?

In order to post to a forum topic, you will Start a New Conversation or thread.

  1. Go to Forums. Select the Forums tool from Tool Menu in your site.
  2. Choose a forum. Zoom.
  3. Select a topic within the forum. This is an example of a forum topic.
  4. Click Start a New Conversation.
  5. Enter a message.
  6. Click Add attachments.
  7. Click Post.