How do you meet Professor Birch in Pokemon Emerald?

How do you meet Professor Birch in Pokemon Emerald?

Talk to the scientist, who tells you that Professor Birch is doing field work. Leave the lab and go north to the exit of town. When you walk past, the kid there says that he hears someone shouting from down the road. Go north and you see Professor Birch being chased by a Poochyena (or Zigzagoon in Emerald).

Where is the professor Pokemon Emerald?

Littleroot Town
Professor Birch is the Pokémon Professor of Hoenn. He is Brendan or May’s father. He lives in Littleroot Town.

Who is the professor in Pokemon Emerald?

Professor Birch
Professor Birch (Japanese: オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki) is the resident Pokémon Professor of Littleroot Town and the Hoenn region….

Professor Birch オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki
Artwork from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Relatives Brendan/May (as rival), unnamed wife, unnamed son (Emerald only)
Trainer class Pokémon Professor

Who is the Johto professor?

Professor Elm
Professor Elm (ウツギ 博士 はかせ Dr. Utsugi) is the renowned Pokémon professor of Johto. He lives in New Bark Town with his wife and son in a house south of his laboratory (the second floor of his lab in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver).

Who is the Unova professor?

Professor Aurea Juniper
Professor Aurea Juniper is the regional Pokémon professor of Pokémon Black and White, situated in the Unova region.

Can Torchic be female?

Biology. Torchic is a small, chick Pokémon with stubby, downy, yellow wings. Its body is covered with orange feathers. A male Torchic will have a small black speck on its rear that is not present in females.

Does blaziken learn flamethrower?

Pre-evolution moves

Move Type Method
Fire Spin Fire Level up
Flamethrower Fire Level up

What happened with Brock and ivy?

In this episode, Professor Ivy and a Raticate also got sent to the Pokémon Center because they got in the way of Vileplume scattering pollen. During these events, Brock fell in love with her and decided to stay with the professor. Professor Ivy was also accidentally mentioned by Misty in the following episode.

What is Professor Elm called?

Dr. Utsugi
Professor Elm lets you choose a Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or a Totodile as a starter Pokémon….Professor Elm.

Professor Elm (ウツギ博士 Dr. Utsugi)
Hometown: New Bark Town
Region: Johto
Advanced Information
Game(s): Gold, Silver and Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver

Did Professor Elm discover eggs?

Professor Elm (Japanese: ウツギ博士 Dr. Utsugi) is the resident Pokémon Professor of New Bark Town in the Johto region. He specializes in Pokémon breeding, and is credited with the discovery of Pokémon Eggs.

Where is Cedric Pokémon White?

Nuvema Town
He can be found at his daughter’s laboratory in Nuvema Town, where he will provide a count of Pokémon caught in the National Pokédex.