How do you make a thick border in Excel?

How do you make a thick border in Excel?

Open Microsoft Excel. Click and drag your mouse pointer around the group of cells that will use the bold border. Right-click any selected cell and choose “Format Cells.”. Click the “Border” tab. Click the thick, bold line, located in the “Style” section.

How to draw borders in Excel?

To apply a line color and style other than defaults,choose the desired Line Color and/or Line Style under Draw Borders…

  • The Border button on the ribbon only provides access to outside border types. To access all available settings,…
  • How do you make a solid line in Excel?

    Open Microsoft Excel and click the “Insert” tab. Click “Shapes” in the Illustrations group and click the first icon under “Lines.”. This is graphically displayed as a diagonal line without an arrowhead.

    What does the border do in Excel?

    Steps Open an Excel sheet. Double-click on any Excel sheet in your computer to open it up. Select the cells you want a border around. You can do this by clicking and dragging over the cells you want until they turn blue. Click the ▼ down arrow next to the Borders button. Click Thick Box Border to add a border around your selection.

    How to automatically border cell in Excel?

    To add borders to cells automatically when you enter data, please do with following steps: 1. Select the range of cells that you want the gridlines to appear on rows when you enter values. In this example, I will select the range of cells A1:F20 . 2. From the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting > New Rule, see screenshot:

    How do you lock borders in Excel?

    Re: Lock The Borders In A Cell. Select each cell in turn around the cell that you want to paste into and create the border that you want to have showing around the “target cell”. Select the “target cell” and in the Format Cells, Protection, unlock the cell. Select another cell and unlock it. Protect the worksheet not allowing…