How do you get a fire report in NYC?

How do you get a fire report in NYC?

Fire or Ambulance Report

  1. Online. Visit the Fire Department’s records page.
  2. By Mail. FDNY Public Records Unit. 9 MetroTech Center, 1st Floor. Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857.
  3. In Person. 9 MetroTech Center, 1st Floor; use the Flatbush Avenue entrance. Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM, except holidays.
  4. By Phone.

How do I get a fire guard?

Minimum Requirements for Fire Guards

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must have a reasonable understanding of the English language.
  3. You must provide two forms of identification.
  4. You must present a letter of recommendation from your employer.

How do I get a FDNY fire Report?

If you have any questions, or would like to request a fire report by telephone, please call the Public Records Office at (323) 890-4194.

How do you renew f01?

How to Renew a Certificate of Fitness

  1. To renew by mail, send renewal fee with the renewal notice to the address below, attention to Cashier’s Unit.
  2. To renew in person, visit the testing center of FDNY at 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

How do I get an FDNY ambulance call report?

We recommend that you order your record by mail or online ( In addition, FDNY requires that the request must be accompanied by a good-quality photocopy of the signatory’s valid (unexpired) government-issued photo ID that clearly shows the signature.

How do I find my FDNY violations?

Effective 9/7/2021, basic information regarding existing Violations, FDNY Summonses and Criminal Court Offenses can be viewed online on FDNY Business. Certificate of Correction (CCR) requests must now be filed online (Certificate of Correction form required).

How much does a fire guard cost?

Fire Watch Costs On average, you can expect to pay between $12-$20 per hour for an unarmed guard. The more experienced or further trained and certified the guard, the more the hourly rate will likely be.

How much does a fire guard make in NYC?

Fire Guard Salary in New York City, NY

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $52,101 $25
75th Percentile $37,293 $18
Average $37,475 $18
25th Percentile $27,421 $13

How do I contact the fire department in NYC?

If your request is for the New York City Fire Department, you can call 718.999. 2000 or visit:

How do I contact FDNY?

Contact Info

  1. FDNY Headquarters | 718-999-2000.
  2. District Office Main Line 1 | 718-999-2719.
  3. District Office Main Line 2 | 718-999-2457.
  4. District Office Main Line 3 | 718-999-2458.

How do you get your F01?

F 01 Practice Tests All exams are given at the FDNY’s Public Certification Unit located on the first floor at 9 Metro Tech Center in Brooklyn . A $25 new application fee is required for each certification. Renewals need to be made every 3 years ($5 fee).

What is f02 fireguard?

The F 02 Fireguard Certificate of Fitness is required by all individuals, employed by building owners or parts thereof occupied or operated to be occupied as a homeless or emergency shelters. It is designed to help you prepare for the examination for the Certificate of Fire Guard for Shelter F-02.

When do you need a fire guard in New York?

Fire guards play an important part in keeping the residents of large buildings safe. Local government code may specify when, where and how many Fire Guards are required in a building. If there is a fire alarm, sprinkler or standpipe out of service in New York City, a fire guard must be present to perform fire watch duties.

How much does it cost to become a fire guard?

Topics covered will include safety requirements, safety signs, inspections, fire extinguishing devices, sprinkler systems and emergency procedures. In addition to the cost of your Fire Guard Training at LSTI, you will be required to pay a $25.00 fee to the NYC fire department in order to take the Certificate of Fitness Examination.

What are the duties of a fire guard?

Fire guards are responsible for the safety of all shelter occupants and employees by eliminating fire hazards and assisting in the evacuation of occupants during drills and in case of an emergency. Fire guards are responsible for making sure that fire safety regulations are being complied with in the shelter.

Can a self employed person take the FDNY test?

If you are self-employed or the owner of the company, you must submit a notarized letter stating that status. If you are not currently employed, you may take the test without the recommendation letter. If you pass the test, FDNY will issue a temporary letter with a photo for job seeking purposes.