How do you convert yellow heathens?

How do you convert yellow heathens?

Yellow-Masked Heathens The only way to convert these heathens is to cast the Earthquake God Power several times to increase their faith, you can also lure them away by getting then to chase a villager and then dragging the villager above the heathen very slowly.

How do I convert master builder to heathen?

The Heathen Master Builder is located at the southern edge of the village, near the Blocking Totem. To convert the Heathen Builder, you must challenge them to a build-off competition. The Heathen Builder is relatively fast so you’ll need the Time Warp God Power (500 energy) to beat them.

How do you unblock the boulder in virtual villagers?

Research the Construction skill for your village to level 2. Drag a villager to the rocks blocking the creek located on the northwest section of the island. The villager will automatically begin removing the rocks. This puzzle in “Virtual Villagers: A New Home” will cause water to flow down the creek when completed.

How do you get rid of heathen scary in Virtual Villagers 5?

When the game starts, drop every adult villager on the fence to start tearing it down and building a food bin. Once the fence is down, drop the villagers on the Knowing Totem in area 7, just below the hot springs. Of course use butterflies and bees to keep the hostile and scary Heathens away.

How do you build the Love Shack in Virtual Villagers 5?

Use the Swarm of Bees spell to drive away the heathens and drop all of your adult villagers on the Hungry Totem. Right after that you can start to build the love shack and send some villagers to the west bank of the river to gather dry grass and wood from the woodpile.

How do you get a hungry totem?

Steps. The Hungry Totem is located between the fenced area and the noni bush. The totem is being guarded by one orange masked heathen. Simply use a villager to lure the heathen away from the totem, or cast Bees to chase him away and assign other villagers to start dismantling it.

What’s the solution to Puzzle 4 in Virtual Villagers?

Puzzle 4 – The Knowing Totem – Solution: Cast the Lightning God Power on the heathens guarding the totem. Drop your villagers on the totem to start dismantling it. Repeat the process until is done

How do you get rid of debris in Virtual Villagers?

Once there’s about 25% of debris left, assign multiple builders to the job. Once all of them are around the totem, cast a lightning spell to chase them away and assign your villages back to dismantling the totem. Once this is done, your villagers will be able to clean up the debris blocking the mausoleum.

What to do in Virtual Villagers 5 new believers?

Use our Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers Walkthrough to explore the center of Isola in this exciting chapter of the Virtual Villagers series. Work your way through perplexing puzzles and survive intense Island events without breaking a sweat with this comprehensive Virtual Villagers Walkthrough at your side.

Where is the heathen master builder in Virtual Villagers?

The Heathen Master Builder is located at the southern edge of the village, near the Blocking Totem. Challenge him to a build-off competition. Send one of your spare villagers to collect the necklace.