How do you catch Mesprit and Cresselia?

How do you catch Mesprit and Cresselia?

Catching Cresselia in Diamond & Pearl

  1. Head over to Route 205.
  2. Begin running between Route 205 and Valley Windworks.
  3. Check the Marking Map to see Mesprit’s current location.
  4. When Cresselia is finally in the same location as you, use a Repel to stop encountering other Pokemon.
  5. Save your game.

How long does it take to catch Mesprit?

Mesprit will run after your first move each time. This means you’ll only get one Quick Ball throw in per encounter. It may take 20-30 tries, but you should eventually catch Mesprit this way.

How do you catch up to Mesprit?

Mesprit is not available to catch until you have proceeded through the story far enough to defeat Team Galactic by defeating Cyrus and catching Dialga/Palkia. This will happen automatically in the story after you complete the seventh Gym and raid the Galactic Headquarters. Put a Pokémon that knows Surf in your party.

Where can you catch Mesprit in Pokemon Pearl?

I had mesprit running in Pearl. (shame, she/she looked nicest to me) To easiest way to catch mesprit (by the way yamate132, mesprit is the only one that flees from you) is if you have either a master ball or a level 60 up Golbat, Crobat, Dugtrio or other pokemon that knows a move that can prevent pokemon from escaping.

Can you catch Mesprit if you have a repel?

As long as the first Pokemon in your party is Level 50 or lower, you’ll still be able to encounter Mesprit with a Repel active. If your first Pokemon is over Level 50, a Repel will prevent you from encountering Mesprit. Thanks! Is Giratina good against Mespirit (Uxie and Azelf) too?

When to throw a quick ball to catch Mesprit?

Throw a Quick Ball as soon as its health is red. The first time you encounter Mesprit when it has red health, throw a Quick Ball as your first move. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch Mesprit on the first try. Chances are it will break free and run, though.

Where to find Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf in Pokemon Pearl?

Azelf is at Acuity Lakefront in the cave in middle of the lake. Uxie is at Valor Lakefront also in the cave in the middle of the lake. Mesprite is at Verity Lakefront in the cave in the middle of the lake.