How can I write my future essay?

How can I write my future essay?

Explain in the introduction of your essay why you selected those goals and how they are related to one another. Provide a brief and general explanation of how you will accomplish your goals. Write one to two paragraphs specifically explaining each goal. Describe the rationale for each goal and how the idea originated.

How is life in future?

Life in the future will be diferent than today. The technology is making big progress. Many important aspects of life already revolve around computers and if computers anywhere suddenly stopped working, the modern world would be in chaos. Internet can link people with sources of information that are many miles away.

What are some of my goals for the future?

There are many goals I want to achieve in the future. Most of my goals for the future involves my career. One of the jobs I want to consider for the future are, being a chemist, who plans research projects, an Accountant who maintains financial records, and a Neurological Surgeon who takes care of injuries and diseases.

What does the word of the future mean?

The word of the future is about all what is mysterious and unknown to man from events and attitudes, which he feels towards the varied and mixed feelings.

What’s the best way to plan for the future?

Planning saving money that enables the individual to buy what he wants in the future, such as buying a house or a car and others. Positive thoughts that push the person forward and in return to reject the negative ideas that discourage the determination of man.

What are the major problems in the future?

Additionally, global warming will become an even bigger problem. Sea levels will continue to rise, and freshwater sources will be polluted. Fresh water will become a major issue hence environmental destruction will increase significantly. From another perspective, dictator tendencies, chiefly in Asia, will destabilize the world.