How are Kevin and Max the same?

How are Kevin and Max the same?

Despite appearing to be vastly different characters, Max and Kevin are alike in a lot of ways. Both characters are social outcasts. Both characters are social outcasts for the same reason too. They look “weird.” Max because he’s huge and resembles his murdering father.

What is the special relationship between Max and Freak?

While Max is physically healthy, Kevin is physically challenged. Together, they become Freak the Mighty, with Kevin relying on Max’s physical strength, and Max relying on Kevin’s brain. The two were in daycare together when they were very young, and Max remembers Kevin. Kevin becomes Max’s reading tutor.

How does Max and Kevin come to be known as Freak the Mighty?

After the show, Blade chases the two with his gang after Freak calls him a cretin. Despite Max’s lack of knowledge and disability, he escapes by acting on Freak’s orders, but the two are driven into a muddy millpond, Freak riding on Max’s shoulders. They begin to call themselves “Freak the Mighty”.

How is Max different in Freak the Mighty?

Freak the Mighty is about two kids named Kevin and Max. They both have disabilities, Kevin has a physical disability while Max has a learning disability. Together they go against their disabilities and become Freak the Mighty.

How did Max and Kevin become friends?

Max and Kevin first stared to become friends when Kevin and Kevin’s mom Gwen move in down the street from Max. This really statred Max and Kevin’s friendship into motion after there first encounter in daycare. Right before school starts, Max and Kevin both start going on “quests”, as “Freak The Mighty”.

Why did the fair Gwen call Max?

While these qualities do exist in Gwen, this nickname is also a reflection of Kevin’s tendency to romanticize the people in his life. Max misinterprets this nickname due to his dyslexia, and he believes that Kevin is calling his mother “Fair Gwen of Air.” “The Fair Guinevere, from the legend of King Arthur.”

Why are Max and Kevin friends?

What are some similarities between Freak the Mighty book and movie?

First something that was the same is Freak dying at the end, but it wasn’t exactly the same because Freak dies at home in the movie and in the book he dies in a hospital. Another similarity would be the down under because in the book it was always dark and quiet and in the movie they kept it the same.

Why does Max call Kevin a freak?

In the beginning, Max, who is also the narrator, says that he “never had a brain until Freak came along” (1). That is to say that Kevin actually teaches Max how to use his brain to read and to write. Together, they call themselves Freak the Mighty because each one makes up for the other’s weaknesses.

Who comes downstairs to Max?

Loretta, despite her alcoholism and subservience to Iggy, a gang boss, is sympathetic towards Max because of his low station in life.

How are Max and Kevin similar in Freak The Mighty?

It’s how ” Freak the Mighty ” came to be. Together they are invincible and their imaginary adventures together prove it. Both boys love learning, too. Max would deny it, but Kevin is able to get Max to open up and learn to read better and begin doing better in school.

How are Max and Kevin different in real life?

Despite his small size though, Kevin has self confidence to spare, while Max sorely lacks self confidence. Part of that is because Max isn’t that smart to begin with, but he makes it worse by not trying to hard. Freak on the other hand is “freakishly” smart. Their attitudes on life are different as well.

What are the similarities between Max and Kevin in Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 is when Max and Kevin realize that they can work together for the benefit of both their sakes. Tony D. is a boy who threatens them with a knife after the fireworks on Independence Day. Max and Kevin are similar because to boys like Tony D., they are easy targets for bullying.

Are there any similarities between Max’s art and the movie?

One similarity of these pieces of art is that the chapters match up. Max’s childlike chapter titles are very much incorporated in the movie. For example, chapter 6 of the book “Close Encounter of the Turd Kind” is narrated in the movie.