Are there 10 seasons of Futurama?

Are there 10 seasons of Futurama?

Nope. It’s seven production seasons. When Comedy Central were in talks to pick Futurama back up, in 2009, they were actually signing them up for a 16 episode season, which would have become production season five.

Will Futurama have Season 8?

Futurama Season 8 won’t happen, as Comedy Central have decided not to renew the show. Executive producer David X Cohen and creator Matt Groening weren’t surprised by the cancellation.

How many seasons of Futurama are there altogether?

seven seasons
The show aired its final episode on September 4, 2013. During the course of the series, 140 episodes of Futurama aired over seven seasons.

How many Futurama episodes are there?

Futurama/Number of episodes

Does Netflix have Futurama 2020?

Is Futurama available on Netflix? The news as to whether or not Futurama is available on Netflix is the furthest thing from stellar and will bum subscribers out on an intergalactic level. The hit animated comedy series is not available within the streaming service’s impressive library.

Why did Futurama end 2013?

According to Groening, Fox seemingly never really wanted Futurama to succeed. Futurama was canceled at Fox because the network spent years — essentially from before the show even hit television sets — walking it down the road to the chopping block. Fox and Groening butted heads over Futurama from the very beginning.

Why was Futurama Cancelled again?

Do Fry and Leela end up together?

Ultimately, the gang managed to save Fry, but he inadvertently broke the time device, and froze time — for everyone but Fry and Leela. And so, they got to spend their entire lives together. They got married, traveled and had as full a life as they could in a world where everyone and everything is frozen in time.

How many episodes are in season 3 of Futurama?

Futurama – Season 3/Number of episodes

Does Disney plus have Futurama?

The series of Futurama can be seen whole in the Disney Plus streaming platform by following this link.

Where can u watch Futurama?

Right now you can watch Futurama on Hulu Plus or Comedy Central. You are able to stream Futurama by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes. You are able to stream Futurama for free on NBC.

Is Futurama dead?

Beginning in 2010, Comedy Central ordered and aired two more seasons of Futurama that lasted until 2013. Season 7 ultimately proved to be its last, as Comedy Central decided to cancel Futurama for a second, final time, via Wired.

How many seasons of Futurama are there in the series?

The original 72-episode run of Futurama was produced as four seasons; Fox broadcast the episodes out of the intended order, resulting in five aired seasons. As consequence, the show’s canon is disrupted by the broadcast order.

When does the Radiorama episode of Futurama come out?

Radiorama is a special podcast episode of Futurama made for the Nerdist Podcast to help promote Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow reuniting the entire Futurama cast as well as special guest star Chris Hardwick as the villain, Klaxxon. The podcast was released on September 14, 2017.

Who are the original cast members of Futurama?

The Toronto Star confirmed, announcing on their website that the original cast of Futurama signed contracts with Fox to return for 26 more episodes. Similarly, an email sent to fans from Cohen and Groening reported that West, Sagal, DiMaggio, LaMarche, MacNeille, Tom, LaMarr, and Herman would all be returning for the revival.

Is there going to be season 8 of Futurama?

Season eight isn’t Futurama at its best, but it still contains episodes like “Overclockwise,” which excels in serious storytelling, as well as “Reincarnation,” which digs back into the anthology episode angle, albeit in a fresh way. It’s not normal for canceled TV shows to return, even if it’s become a more popular trend in recent years.