Are the next Olympics in 2024 or 2025?

Are the next Olympics in 2024 or 2025?

2024 Summer Olympics

Emblem of the 2024 Summer Olympics
Host city Paris, France
Cauldron TBA
Stadium Stade de France
Summer United States Los Angeles 2028 → Winter Italy Milano–Cortina 2026 → 2024 Summer Paralympics

Who is hosting the next Olympics 2020?

Tokyo, Japan
2020 Summer Olympics

Host city Tokyo, Japan
Nations 206 (including EOR team)
Athletes 11,656
Events 339 in 33 sports (50 disciplines)
Opening 23 July 2021

Where will be the next Olympic game held in 2021?

The next Winter Olympics are being held in Beijing, the capital city of China, mostly in the Hebei province with some events taking place in neighboring towns. Beijing will make history as being the first city to host the winter and summer games with the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Who is hosting the 2036 Olympics?

Novosibirsk is capable of hosting 2036 Olympic Games, Government official claims. Marina Kurnosova, the Deputy Minister of Physical Culture and Sports in Novosibirsk, has claimed the city has sufficient experience to host the 2036 Olympic Games.

Where will 2026 Olympics be held?

Cortina d’AmpezzoValtellinaVeronaVal di Fiemme
2026 Winter Olympics/Location

Where are the Olympics for the next 20 years?

Upcoming Olympic Games

  • Los Angeles 2028.
  • Milano Cortina 2026.
  • Paris 2024.
  • Beijing 2022.
  • Tokyo 2020.

Where are the 2026 Olympics?

2026 Winter Olympics/Location
2026 Winter Olympics: Milan Cortina 6 through Feb. 22, 2026, will mark the fourth Olympic Games hosted in Italy, and first for Milan. The first was the 1956 Winter Games (Cortina d’Ampezzo), followed by the 1960 Summer Games (Rome) and 2006 Winter Games (Turin).

Which country will host 2032 Olympics?

2032 Summer Olympics/Location
Host selection Without any rival bid, Brisbane was confirmed as host of the 2032 Summer Olympics at the 138th IOC Session on 21 July 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.

Can India host Olympics 2036?

“Olympic Games can be hosted in three or four cities in India, and the IOA is in talks with the IOC about India’s possible bid for 2036,” Batra, a member of the IOC, told the Press Trust of India (PTI). 2036 Olympics will be finalised in two-three years, and we are currently discussing with IOC.”

Will India ever host Olympics?

India has often expressed a desire to host the Olympics, but never made it far in the process. The next three Olympics have been allotted to Paris (2024), Los Angeles (2028) and Brisbane (2032).

Where is the next Winter Olympics 2024?

Beijing, Feb. 4 – 20, 2022 (Winter) Paris, July 26 – Aug. 11, 2024 (Summer)

Where are the 2024?

2024 Summer Olympics/Location

When will the next Olympics take place?

Since the last Summer Olympics took place in 2016, and are held in every four years, the next Olympics will be organized in the year 2020.

Where will the upcoming Olympics be held?

The most recent Summer Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016 while the Summer Olympics was last held in Sochi , Russia in 2014. The next Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020 then Paris, France in 2024 while Pyeongchang, South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympics followed by Beijing, China in 2022.

When do the Olympics start?

Summer Olympics began on Friday, July 24, 2020 and ended on Sunday, August 9, 2020.