Why did Min refuse to teach a tree-ear a pot?

Why did Min refuse to teach a tree-ear a pot?

He works for a potter who is bitter and angry that his son died years ago. Tree-man longs to learn how to make a pot, but Min, the potter, refuses to teach him because he is not his son. Tree-ear goes on a very long journal to take Min’s vases to the palace. The vases are broke by bandits.

What type of pot does tree-ear wish to make and why?

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Why is Kang hide his pottery He doesn’t want anyone finding out
What type of pot does Tree-ear want to make A prunus vase
Why does Tree-ear want to make a prunus vase He loves it’s symmetry and shape
Why is winter a problem for crane-man and tree-ear It is cold under the bridge

What happens when tree-ear visits the emissary?

When emissary Kim asks to see Min’s work, Tree-ear has to tell the truth about the bandits breaking the pots, but shows Kim the single shard. Kim says nothing but starts to write on a scroll. He has decided to give Min a commission because even the small shard shows Min’s wonderful potter skills.

What gift does tree-ear realize he can give Min’s wife?

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What does the Emissary ask Min If you can make a piece and bring it to me I will reconsider
What gift does Tree-ear think he can give to Min’s wife He can take Min’s piece to the Emissary for her
What does Min’s wife do that surprises him She says she’ll ask Min

Why is Crane-man called Crane-man?

Crane-man’s name is because he can only stand on one leg, like a crane, and needs to walk with a crutch. Tree-ear and Crane-man talk about how long they have lived together, and how a kind monk brought Tree-ear there after his parents died of a fever.

Why was Tree-ear suspicious of Kang?

They have to sleep in a cold, dark, dugout. Why doesn’t Tree-ear tell Min about Kang’s new pottery technique? He was spying on Kang, and he knows it would be deceitful to tell Min.

How did Tree-ear meet crane-man?

How did Tree-ear come to live with Crane-man? Tree-ear’s parents died of fever, monks brought him to his unlces, the uncle had moved, they took him to the local monastery, they had fever, the monks were told of Crane-man and took him there. Tree-ear wanted to stay with him.

Where did Tree-ear get robbed?

The emissary returns and offers him a commission if he can bring a sample to the capital. Min makes the pots, Crane-man makes the baskets to carry them, and Tree-ear sets off for Songdo, the capital. Tree-ear is attacked by two robbers who throw his pots over a cliff to the river below and steal his coins.

Why did Crane-man laugh at ear?

p. 103 “ He was laughing. If there was a joke he had missed it.” Question-Why was Crane-man laughing at Tree-ear? Tree-ear had asked Crane-man to help Anjima with chores around the house while he was journeying to Songdo.

How did Min behave after the emissary left?

Chapter 7 : Min is in a bad mood after the emissary has gone. Finally, he asks Tree-ear to tell him what he saw on Kang’s stall. When Tree-ear mentions the white and red slip, Min tells him to go and get the clay to make it. He is clearly pleased with Tree-ear’s drained clay and works all hours to finish his vases.

Why did Tree-ear live with crane-man?

Why does tree-ear enjoy watching min?

Why does Tree-ear enjoy watching Min? The potter is a perfectionist and is dramatic while throwing pots, as well. Describe the pottery Tree-ear sees outside Min’s house. He offers to work for Min in order to pay for the pottery he broke.

Why did Min refuse to teach Tree-ear to become a potter?

Min refused to teach tree-ear to become a potter because there was a law that every potter must teach their son to become a potter. Min once had I son but he died of fever, and does not want to teach tree-ear because he is not his son.

What was Tree ear’s first job in the story?

Next day Tree-ear’s first job is to chop wood for Min’s kiln. He needs to go far into the mountains too find enough trees to cut. Tree-ear works very hard all day, with nothing to eat. And he has problems keeping the chopped wood on the cart. When he is nearly back at Min’s house the whole cart falls sideways.

When does Tree ear take his bowl back to Min?

Chapter 4: Next morning Tree-ear takes his own bowl to Min’s house so that he can take half of the food back to Crane-man. Min’s wife feels puzzled by this and Tree-ear wonders if he has deceived her. Later that day he is becoming more skillful at cutting clay.

What does Tree ear think about in a single shard?

Tree-ear thinks about the coloured slip he sees Kang using. Tree-ear’s work for Min continues, but he still has not had the chance to throw a pot on the wheel. His dream is to make a prunus vase. Winter is coming and Tree-ear starts gathering rice again. Crane-man continues to make things from straw.