Who won Block 2012?

Who won Block 2012?

Brad and Lara Cranfield
2012: Brad and Lara Cranfield In Season 5 of The Block, winners Brad and Lara Cranfield took home the biggest profit the show had ever seen (so far), after pocketing $606,000 for their reno in South Melbourne.

Who won the Block NZ Season 1?

Ben Crawford
Libby Crawford
The Block NZ – Season 1/Winners

Who won the Block NZ Season 2?

Caleb Pearson
Alice Pearson
The Block NZ – Season 2/Winners

Why did Jana leave the block NZ?

Janah reveals why she quit There was no fight or disagreement between Rachel and I – it was because of my flourishing construction and interior-design business booming after Covid. “Also, I was surprised at how much I missed my little ones last year – and that was only for two weeks!

Are Chris and Jenna still together?

Chris and Jenna: Still together The couple welcomed their first child together in June 2015 and according to their joint Instagram page bio, they are “Christians.

Are Will and Karlie still together?

Since winning the renovation show, the couple have married and announced Karlie’s pregnancy in March this year when Australia was first hit by COVID-19.

Who won The Block NZ 2014?

Corban Walls
Alex Walls
The Block NZ – Season 3/Winners

Alex and Corban Walls won The Block NZ in 2014. “The site, with beautiful views of the Waitemata Harbour, is very small, steep and limited with height restrictions,” Corban says. “It is on the edge of a 400-acre native reserve in a significant ecological area.

Who won The Block NZ Season 8?

So, as the only team to make a profit on auction night, Lisa and Ribz are the winners of The Block NZ 2019 and will take home $150,000. Their bold apartment was not always to the judges’ taste but Team Yellow stuck to their guns and made history as the third Team Yellow in a row to win The Block NZ.

Who won the Block 2017?

Elyse & Josh
The Block auctions (or Block-tions) for the houses were held on Saturday, 28 October 2017. Elyse & Josh won the series with comedian Dave Hughes buying their property for over $3m.

Who won the Block NZ Season 8?

Why did Connie join the block?

Connie (40) and Rach (42) No stranger to a building site, Connie joined Rach in week three, to make up the new post lockdown Team Purple, after Janah was unable to return. Having met Rach in the Army 11 years ago, Connie is ready to put her Army discipline and knowledge to work!

Is Connie from the Block married?

With their early struggles and the stress of their military careers, it’s fair to say she and Isaac have faced their share of trials, but after 21 years of marriage, Connie says their relationship is stronger than ever. We’re married and we spend every day working together, but we’re not sick of each other.

Who are the winners of the block 2012?

The Block 2012 (South Melbourne, Vic) Winners: Brad and Lara Cranfield Total profit: $606,000

Who are the winners of the block New Zealand?

The first season of New Zealand reality television series The Block NZ premiered on 4 July 2012, and ended on 6 September 2012. The season was judged by Victoria Bidwell and Stewart Harris. Sibling team Libby and Ben Crawford won the season, selling their house for a profit of $157,000 and winning the $80,000 prize money.

When did the block New Zealand come out?

The Block NZ is a New Zealand reality show based on the popular Australian reality television series The Block. The first season premiered on Three on 4 July 2012.

When did Polly and Waz win the block?

Image: Channel 9. Polly and Waz made $115,000 profit when they won The Block in 2011. Since then, the couple have welcomed two children together, a son called Hudson in 2016 and a daughter called Scotland in 2017. Bring. It. On. pic.twitter.com/gj1VmygjWp