Who was landlord of the Rovers after Jack and Vera?

Who was landlord of the Rovers after Jack and Vera?


Name(s) Duration
Bet Lynch (later Gilroy) 1985–1987, 1992–1995
Bet and Alec Gilroy 1987–1992
Jack and Vera Duckworth 1995–1997
Jack and Vera Duckworth, and Alec Gilroy 1997–1998

Who has the Rovers after Natalie Barnes?

Just four weeks after the wedding, Des was fatally injured while defending Tony from drug dealers, leaving Natalie devastated. Happier times followed as she bought the Rovers and had a relationship with Vinny Sorrell, the Rovers’ potman.

What happened to Jack and Vera after they left the Rovers?

When the Duckworths inherited some money after Jack’s brother died, they bought The Rovers Return, with Vera becoming the landlady. Vera and Jack moved into Eunice Gee’s (Meg Johnson) B&B, and when Eunice moved to Spain to help her sister run a bar, she left Vera and Jack as managers of the B&B.

Who was the first landlady of the Rovers Return?

1. Coronation Street Rovers Return barmaids: Annie Walker (Doris Speed) Annie Walker was the first Coronation Street Rovers Return Inn landlady. She was in charge from the show’s beginning in 1960 through to 1983.

How long did Vera and Jack run the Rovers?

Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn) 1995-1998 One of Corrie’s best-loved couples, Jack and Vera Duckworth, took over the Rovers when Jack (Bill Tarmey) came into a large inheritance following the death of his brother and his wife in a car accident.

What happened to Rover in Coronation Street?

Boo-Boo (nicknamed Rover) was discovered by Steve McDonald in the back of his Street Cars cab. He took in the dog at his home at the Rovers Return Inn and bonded with her. Rover was eventually returned to her real owner Paula Longmore in August 2015, much to the sadness of Steve.

Who bought Des Barnes House?

Yasmeen Nazir
It is bought by Yasmeen Nazir, who moved in with her husband Sharif, son Kal and grandchildren Alya and Zeedan. Kal tragically dies a hero whilst saving Leanne Tilsley and Amy Barlow from a fire which started inside 12 Victoria Court in May 2015. 2016 sees Zeedan’s girlfriend Rana Habeeb moves in with the family.

Who buys the Rovers Return in Coronation Street?

13 Coronation Street from his friend and business partner Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles), and to concentrate on his other business, StreetCars. He sells The Rovers to Stella.

Why did the Duckworths leave the Rovers?

Unfortunately for the Duckworths, Natalie wished to live in the Rovers herself (as she had to sell her house to buy the pub) and therefore had them both quickly kicked out.

Who did Vera give a kidney?

Terry initially agreed to be a donor but fled and Vera was forced to donate her kidney instead, saving Paul’s life. Paul returned in November 2001 for his paternal grandfather Jack’s 65th birthday celebrations.

Who owned the bar in Coronation Street?

Alec Gilroy
Stella Price purchased the pub outright from Steve McDonald in 2012, but Liz and Steve bought the pub back the following year. The current tenants are Johnny and Jenny. Previous landlords have included Jack and Annie Walker, Bet and Alec Gilroy, Jack and Vera Duckworth and Natalie Barnes.

How long did Jack and Vera have the Rovers?

But bad boy Billy’s dodgy business practices and gambling addiction meant he barely lasted a year before begging the brewery to buy him out – ending the Walkers’ 47-year reign at The Rovers (the backstory has Jack and Annie taking over as newlyweds back in 1937!).