Who proposed the term pays?

Who proposed the term pays?

studies by Vidal de La Blache regions, or what he called pays—relatively small homogeneous areas—whose distinctive genres de vie (“modes of life”) resulted from the interactions of people with their physical milieux.

What does payin mean?

: to put (money) in an account : deposit I went to the bank to pay in a cheque.

What part of speech is the word pays?

transitive verb

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: pays, paying, paid

What does mean in payment?

: as a way of paying someone We bought them dinner in payment for all their help.

What is pay in pay out?

The date that shares are transferred to the custodian or broker or sub-broker after an investors sells the shares is called the pay-in date. The day that the buyer receives the shares from the broker is called the pay-out date.

What does pay me out mean?

It means ‘take revenge’, as in this quotation from William Thackeray in 1849: ‘You see if I don’t pay you out after school—you sneak, you. ‘ It was still being used well into the twentieth century.

What does pay you a compliment mean?

: to say something nice about (someone)

What’s the meaning of pay attention?

: to concentrate on Pay (close/careful) attention to what she says.

What is the definition of Pays in France?

In France, a pays ( French: [pɛ.i] (listen)) is an area whose inhabitants share common geographical, economic, cultural, or social interests, who have a right to enter into communal planning contracts under a law known as the Loi Pasqua or LOADT ( Loi d’Orientation pour l’Aménagement et le Développement du Territoire;

What does the word pay mean in English?

1 with object Give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred. ‘I rubbed her arm and told her not to worry, that these people were paid for this kind of thing.’

What does it mean when you pay someone money?

When you pay an amount of money to someone, you give it to them because you are buying something from them or because you owe it to them. When you pay something such as a bill or a debt, you pay the amount that you owe.

What does the word country mean in English?

Although this word is frequently translated into English as country, its usage can mean a region or territory of a nation (bounded by borders and constituting a geographical entity) considered from the point of view of a certain identity or community of interest of its inhabitants.