Who plays Finn on Shake It Up?

Who plays Finn on Shake It Up?

Davis Richard Cleveland
Davis Richard Cleveland (born February 5, 2002) is an American actor. He is known for his role as Flynn Jones on the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up.

How old is Flynn Jones from Shake It Up?

11 years old
He is 11 years old. His Birthday is May 2002.

How old is Davis Cleveland now?

19 years (February 5, 2002)
Davis Cleveland/Age

Are Ty and Rocky Twins?

Ty Blue. Ty Blue, portrayed by Roshon Fegan, is Rocky’s older brother who is an aspiring actor and rapper and host of Shake It Up Chicago.

Who plays Flynn Jones?

Davis ClevelandShake It Up
Flynn Jones/Played by

Are Bella Thorne and Zendaya friends?

Bella revealed that Zendaya was her “first friend in Hollywood.” “Zendaya and I met at the test for Shake It Up,” she told Teen Vogue. in an interview at the time. “We instantly hit it off and then [we’ve been] really, really close since that.”

How tall is Davis Cleveland?

1.68 m
Davis Cleveland/Height

Where is Davis Cleveland now?

Los Angeles
Davis Cleveland was born February 5, 2002 in Houston, Texas. Cleveland currently lives in Los Angeles and enjoys studying martial arts and playing guitar, as well as other hobbies including video games, skateboarding and rollerblading.

How old was Zendaya in KC undercover?

Before signing on to star in her second Disney show, K.C. Undercover, 18-year-old Zendaya presented execs with a list of requirements for the show’s premise and that she be made one of its producers.

Why did Gunther leave Shake It Up?

Favorite Answer The only reason why he left was because he was offered a leading role in a show called “Contest”. They’ll get to their destination and say, “See, I’m a good person. RE: Why did Kenton Duty (Gunther Hessenheffer) leave Shake It Up?

How old is Davis Cleveland Shake It Up?

These characters included Flynn Jones, CeCe’s mischievous younger brother, who was played by a young actor named Davis Cleveland. He was just eight years old when the show started in 2010 and 11 when it ended in 2013 (via J-14 Magazine). That makes him still quite a young man: In 2021, he’s only 19 years old.

Did Zendaya hate Bella?

Bella Thorne Said She and Zendaya Were “Pitted Against” Each Other During “Shake It Up” In a new interview with US Weekly, the star admitted that the two former Shake It Up stars weren’t initially friends when the series began filming in 2010, and one meeting eventually changed all that.

Flynn Jones is the deuteragonist of Shake It Up. He is the youngest character of them all on the show at 9-11 years old. He is the son of Georgia Jones and J.J. Jones and the younger brother of CeCe Jones. He lives in an apartment with his mom and sister in the suite below the Blue family, Apartment 3B.

What do Henry and Flynn do in Shake It Up?

Beam It Up: When Flynn and Henry go trick-or-treating, they meet a boy who Flynn believes is an alien and who Henry believes would be a great chess player. Apply It Up: Henry and Flynn try to save the world from an asteroid. Judge It Up: Henry tries to teach Flynn how to ride a bicycle, even though Flynn is completely scared.

Who is Henry Dillon in Shake It Up?

Henry started out as CeCe ‘s math tutor and was the one who revealed that she had dyslexia. He is a super genius, having graduated college and teaches at various levels of schooling. He is portrayed by child actor, Buddy Handleson.

Who is the actor who plays Flynn Jones?

Flynn is portrayed by Davis Cleveland . Flynn may look cute and little like any young boy, but he is wise beyond his years and knows how to take advantage of any situation. Flynn is described as precocious, has a great sense of adventure, is mature for his age, and is very mischievous.